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Message of solidarity of the ICOR Main Coordinator to the Suzuki-Maruti colleagues

ICOR Main Coordinator, 22 March 2017

International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties & Organizations

ICOR Main Coordinator
22 March 2017

Message of solidarity of the ICOR Main Coordinator to the Suzuki-Maruti colleagues
via APTUF Pakistan

Dear Suzuki-Maruti colleagues,

on behalf of the ICOR member organizations in four continents, I am sending you militant greetings in solidarity and our support for your struggle against the scandalous verdict.
It is an attack on a total of 117 colleagues, especially on those 13 under accusation of murder, attacking you, your families and the Indian working-class. You courageously led the struggle for your jobs. Today, the ultra-reactionary, proto-fascist Modi government, is aggravating the political attacks on struggling workers and the militant people's movements, which are being carried out more and more determinedly in many states of India.
I assure you of the entire solidarity of the revolutionary world organization ICOR – the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations! We are going to make your struggle known like already before and call for worldwide solidarity via our website From its very beginning, your fight set a worldwide signal, as you were the first to turn as “core workforce” against the dismissal of contract workers. Then, the struggle politicized itself and showed that the workers must connect economic and political struggles and develop them to a higher level against the entire state apparatus and the capitalist system.
Because the attack on you is also an attack on the international industrial proletariat worldwide. Your struggle is part of the fighting power and the fighting experience of the worldwide working-class movement. Be it from the automotive plants in Latin America, Europe or Asia – the experiences of the automotive workers are calling for the coordination of company-wide and cross-border struggles. In order to solve the questions of today, the workers need to be coordinated worldwide! One possibility for that is to cooperate in the International Automotive Workers' Conference ( or to become member respectively friend of ICOR.
The ICOR has a broad goal: Since its founding in 2010, it works towards the mutual support in the construction of revolutionary parties for the close cooperation in class struggle, in the cross-border struggle for the interests of the workers and the broad masses up to the preparation of the international socialist revolution as liberation of humankind from exploitation and oppression!

In the spirit of the proletarian internationalism of Karl Marx and the revolutionary working-class movement, we wish your struggle the broadest international solidarity and success, following the slogan: Workers of all countries, unite!

In solidarity,
Monika Gärtner-Engel, Main Coordinator of ICOR

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