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Active Resistance against Imperialist Nuclear Policy!

ICOR ICC - International Coordinating Committee, 20 March 2011

On 11th March 2011, an earthquake of an unprecedented level of 9.0 on the Richter scale hit Japan which triggered a disastrous tsunami. Elementary disruptions in Japan's nuclear power stations were set off. The people of Japan have been hit by this to the utmost. Our sympathies and unrestricted solidarity are with the working class and the people in Japan.

In Fukushima the greatest catastrophe in the history of humankind is threatening. Millions of people will be exposed to radiation, the number of deaths, cancer victims, deformed persons and genetic damages of future generations is not foreseeable. All of humanity is affected by this directly or indirectly.

The conduct of the Kan administration and the companies running the nuclear power stations is a crime against humanity for which they have to be called to account. Even till today, people in the entire world are being kept uninformed and are deliberately being deceived. But while Chernobyl is still being justified as having been an outdated type of reactor, the worst-case scenario in Japan is taking place in one of the most modern and supposedly absolutely safest nuclear power plants of the world. Despite the unbelievable risks, the nuclear power corporations in Japan, Russia, France and Germany have plans to gain a leading position on the world market, where about 400 new nuclear power plants are to be built by 2030.Nothing proves more clearly that the international monopolies are knowingly prepared to go over dead bodies for the sake of their profits and take the permanent destruction of entire regions of the earth into account.

These policies can only be brought to fall through worldwide coordinated resistance. The question must be raised with all determination – either imperialism destroys the existential foundations of humanity through a worldwide environmental catastrophe or capitalism will be defeated and the unity of man and nature will be restored with a new upswing in the struggle for socialism.

Let us take the initiative for broad unities of action with a clear anti-imperialist direction against the criminal policy of the nuclear corporations. Let us combine this with a criticism of the capitalist system which always produces new economic, political and ecological crises. Let us organize demonstrations, rallies or events everywhere as part of the construction of a worldwide front of resistance for the preservation of the foundations of life of humanity. The 26th April, the 25th anniversary of the nuclear catastrophe of Chernobyl, is suited for organizing a worldwide joint day of action.

The situation demands immediate common action:

  • For an international front of active resistance for the shutdown of all nuclear power stations – worldwide and immediately!

  • Save the environment from the greed for profit of the monopolies!

  • Immediate shutdown of all nuclear facilities at the expense of those who run them – worldwide!

  • Immediate promotion of environmentally benign energies!

  • For an international front of active resistance for the protection of the natural environment!

  • Struggle for a socialist society where the unity of man and nature can be restored!

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