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Come out to the international day of struggle for the liberation of women

Circular Letter No. 7 by the ICC - International Coordinating Committee, 23 February 2011

With the joint international day of struggle for the liberation of women, the ICOR takes reference to the decision of the International Socialist Women's Conference in Copenhagen in 1910. This year, 100 years after the first International Women's Day, millions of women worldwide will be taking to the streets against their double exploitation and oppression.

While the greatest wealth of all times has been accummulated on the one hand, the crisis-proneness of the imperialist world system has the tendency to call the human mode of existence into question. The absence of family of the masses with far-reaching deteriorations, especially with regard to the situation of the women and children, is growing worldwide. This challenges the revolutionary drive of humanity towards a society without exploitation, oppression, misery, environmental destruction and war.

In the growing number of protests worldwide, militant women are often standing in the front row of the popular uprisings in Northern Africa and the Arabian countries; in the courageous strikes of the female textile workers in Bangladesh; in the movements to protect the natural environment, in which women take over responsibility for the protection of life and the future; in the countries oppressed by imperialism in which women struggle against their special national and religious discrimination; in the imperialist countries in which women fight with perseverence against female poverty, for equal wages, for women's political rights.

March 8th belongs to the women of the world, who take to the streets with their demands, loudly, self-confidently and optimistically. Their struggle for liberation is an indispensible part of the struggle for socialism.

The ICOR has taken on the cause of supporting the preparation and conduct of the World Women's Conference of rank-and-file women in Venezuela. From this conference we are awaiting a strengthening of the militant and organized international women's movement for the future.

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