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More Openness After 22nd July?

Tjen Folket (Serve the People - Communist League of Norway), 2 May 2012


System critic imprisoned because the Prime Minister came to Bergen, Norway.

The sun was shining in Bergen (Norway's 2nd largest city) on 1st May.
Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was about to come to Bergen and the city
was to be cleaned so that Mr. Stoltenberg was not to be confronted with
uncomfortable truths.

Thus the police looked out the Serve the People spokesperson in Bergen,
Roger Solsvik, to order him to leave the city for 24 hours. Here the Prime
Minister was to hold his 1st May speech.

Solsvik of course refused to follow the police's orders. Then he was
dragged against his will by two policemen across the main square, thrown
into a police car and sent in prison where he had to spend almost four

This is unlawful detention. The police has no reason for removing Solsvik.
The only real reason for him to be neutralized is that he represents the
only really system critical organisation in Norway, Serve the People.

When other regimes remove such people from the street, the Norwegian
medias rightfully criticizes this. We mean that it is just as bad when
exactly the same thing happens in Norway.

However, police abuse did not stop Serve the People as the only
organisation pointed at the big, ugly and bad smelling elephant present,
but which none of the speakers would attack - the Norwegian imperialist
bloody adventures in Libya and Afghanistan.

Serve the People, 2nd May 2012


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