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Sie sind hier: Startseite / 2013 / Let us raise the people's uprising against the dictatorship for freedom of speech, of assembly, of press, organisation and action and equality of the peoples!

Let us raise the people's uprising against the dictatorship for freedom of speech, of assembly, of press, organisation and action and equality of the peoples!

by MLCP Turkey / North Kurdistan Central Committee, 6 June 2013

Workers, Youth, Women, Labourers!

Standing up in dozens of cities for dignity, justice and freedom you wrote a new heroic epic. You paved the way on which future generations will advance proudly. With steps treading on the fear you crossed the Bosphorus Bridge on the this morning in June, conquered the Taksim Square and showed the police of the dictatorship once more that it cannot stop the people which became one single fist. Without caring for the fascist laws, gas, water cannons, truncheons and gas bombs, despite the risk that there will be martyrs, injured and detentions you liberated the banned squares one by one and brought joy to the peoples of the whole region.

Your uprising is great, brave and dignified.

Your uprising is a resounding slap against the tyranny, arbitrariness and arrogance of the dictatorship and the government.

Your uprising is a convulsing outcry against injustice, oppression, scorn, the attack on your dignity, poverty and work killings.

Your uprising is a bold challenge of the state massacres, the executions by shootings by the police, torture, insults at the police station and on the street as well as of the anti-people laws and banns.

Your uprising is settling a part of the debts you owe the workers who are burning to death, suffocating, whose bones are breaking, whose arms and legs are torn off, whose brains are smashed, who are poisoned, and whose blood is shed in the mines, the shipyards, the factories, the journeys of the agricultural workers, the tends of constructions sites, the children and young people in Roboski, whose bodies were torn into pieces by bombs and your brothers and sisters whose blood is still wet in Reyhanli.

Your uprising will open the way for freedom in the country where we live and give strength to the working class and the oppressed of the whole world.

Our party salutes the uprising in which its male and female militants, followers and sympathizers participated from the beginning on in the first rows, and which is as pure as mother's milk, as valuable as water and as necessary as oxygen!


Brothers and Sisters!

With your uprising you have shown that you do not want to be ruled as before. Now is the time to make the government accept the de facto achievements of the uprising and to officially accept the demands raised in the squares.

The following should be demanded from the government:

1) Announcement that the ban on the Taksim, Kizilay and the other squares is abolished.

2) Modification of police act on a democratic basis, to repeal the anti-terror-law and to dissolve the State Security Courts, of which until now just the name changed and abolition of isolation in prison.

3) Approval of the right of the people for democratic rebellion for its dignified and fundamental demands.

4) To degrade and charge the Minister of Internal Affairs, the governor of Istanbul, the provincial Chief of Police of different cities as well as the chiefs of the political police who are tyrannising the people and who have the blood of our dead whose number is increasing with every day passing and the blood of thousands of injured on their hands.

5) To burst the fascist bonds of the laws of trade-union, strike and collective agreements and to remove all anti-democratic obstacles, first of all concerning the strike ban and the barring clause of the unions.

6) Approval of the right of trade-union and school boycott of the students.

7) The AKP should stop without reserve and unconditionally its attacks against the areas and forms of social life, first of all its patriarchal policy against women.

8) End of the oppression and ban of languages, start of the implementation of the right of education in mother tongue.

9) End of repression and inequality of the Alevism and oppressed beliefs, approval of all democratic demands.

10) Rapid fulfilment of the national democratic demands, which are topics in the negotiations process of the Kurdish people.

11) Stop the demolition and the police terror in the labouring neighbourhoods.

12) Abolition of the 10-per-cent-election threshold and the obligatory condition of the parties who want to participate in elections to be organised in 41 provinces.

13) Freedom for the political prisoners.

14) Insult of the workers, women, the poor, peasants and youth as well as expressions insulting their dignity or devaluating them of the Prime Minister, the ministers, the chiefs of police and the generals should be declared crime against humanity and be tried.


Workers, youth, women, labourers!
Strengthen your unity and your struggle with the aim to make the AKP accept all these demands and to make them official by registering them in the laws and the constitution.



1) Build neighbourhood assemblies and district committees with representatives elected there.

2) Increase the anti-fascist, anti-chauvinist democratic popular front of the Turkish and Kurdish peoples with the workers, women, youth, poor, labourers and oppressed of different nationalities and beliefs.
3) Maintain the freedom of the squares, raise your voice by occupying the highways around the labouring districts and continue the preparations for a general resistance encircling the fascist regime, in which millions will participate flipping the switches, stopping the engines, letting down the shutters, not going to work in the state enterprises, leaving the lecture halls empty and surging from the villages in the district and city centres.

Advance your just struggle towards the Union of People's Republics, which will provide freedom of assembly, press, organisation and action as well as equality of the peoples. Open the doors for your liberation.

Oppressed, poor, comrades of uprising!

We call you, all you women, youth, workers, poor and oppressed who are against oppression, injustice, exploitation, slavery of humans by humans, who are against life being transformed into hell, that dignity of the human being is trampled under foot, who are against inequality among the peoples, genders and beliefs, who say those who sleeps replete meanwhile the neighbour is hungry are not belonging to us, to discuss the calls of MLCP, to unite in the ranks of our party and to increase the struggle for freedom and socialism.


Down with the fascist dictatorship and the AKP government!

Down with tyranny and enslaving laws!

Down with police terror!

Abolition of the fascist laws and bans, approval of democratic rights and freedoms!

Forward for dignity, justice and freedom!

Long live the 1 June Uprising of the labourers and oppressed!


MLCP Central Committees

June 6, 2013