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Against All Kinds Of Colonialist and Imperialist Aggression! Defend Democratic Autonomy in Rojava!

by ICOR Europe, 2nd Continental Conference, 23 June 2013

In many parts of Syria, armed conflicts are lasting for more than two years. A movement for freedom, human rights and abolition of the state of emergency lasting since 1963 inspired by the people's uprisings in the Arabic countries rapidly turned into an armed conflict. In the war in Syria, on the one hand the Baath regime supported by Russia, China and Iran and on the other hand paid gangs and mercenaries like the “Free Syrian Army” supported by the Western imperialists, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are facing each other. In this imperialist proxy war already more than 100 thousand people have been killed within the past two years.

Parallel to these developments, the Kurdish freedom movement rose up in the North of the country, in West Kurdistan (Rojava), liberated the Kurdish regions in Syria and started constructing self-governing structures in the political, social, economic, military and cultural area. The West Kurdish People's Defence Forces are defending these achievements against the frequent military attacks of the regular Syrian army as well as against the attempts of the armed gangs especially pushed by Turkey to advance towards the Kurdish regions.

ICOR Europe declares its solidarity with the struggle of the people of Rojava for their democratic autonomy and self-government and with their struggle for national and social liberation. It condemns any kind of imperialist intervention and that of reactionary states of the region in Syria and defends the right of self-determination of the peoples of Syria so that they can decide themselves on their future and it demands the immediate abolition of the embargo against Rojava.

It organizes appropriate activities for solidarity, donations and education.


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