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Reconstrucción Comunista Spain, July 2014


In this period of social struggle against the economical crisis, and other partial struggles such as for the public health, the education, against the cutbacks, and above all against the reactionary government, in such period a strike was called by the the government's trade unions (CCOO and UGT) in response to the given pressure and social conflicts, a strike which happened to be just a fire-fight to wear the population out and to turn the struggle into a futil walk. They wanted to keep the situation under control, since the strike would have been called anyways with or without them, but probably in a much more combative way in that last case.

 The strike was called on November 14th 2012. Revolutionary organizations and class trade unions joined and participated also on it, but of couse they positioned themselves as contrary to all the circus directed by CCOO and UGT in their attempt to take profit of the situation and to use it as a way to boost their own importance and "gather forces". We all know that the sindical struggle is, by itself, secondary and partial, and it does not lead to anything. Just through the Revolution this problem will be solved.

 In this context our comrade Alfon was arrested on his way to the picket line of that strike. He was accused of carrying explosives with him and placed in pretrial detention. Criminalizing the social protest was the first and main objective of all of it. All was farce. After that, due to the public demonstrations and with the will of intensifying the pressure on him, he was applied a FIES regime - an isolation regime inside the same prison. However our comrade did not give in and finally, thanks to the political and social pressure, he was released and awating trial.

 If all this set up was not enough, it was followed by another one in which Alfon was accused of assaulting a police officer. This is also false. As a result of both proceedings toghether he could face a 8-year prison sentence.

 Alfon is a Communist, and as such he is a social activist. His case, so as Miguel's and Isma's and many others, are nothing but an effort to demonize all those who fight, all those who get organized.

 Thank the involvement of his family, an association in support to Alfon was created. It counts on the participation of several revolutionary organizations, trade unions, antifascists, democrats, antiimperialists, and progresists. It is certainly a wide association which pursues the join of every democratic and progresist force around a common cause: the solidarity, the deffense of Alfon and his case, and making the impossible to get the police set up does not succeed on sending another revolutionary to prison. Here and now we ask to all the advanced forces of our society to join this campaign.

 The solidarity knows no frontiers, therefore we decided to redact this comunicate in order to ask all our comrades outwards the Spanish State to show their support to the comrade Alfon.

 You may send us any resolutions or acts to our e-mail:


Realease of political prisioners

For the Socialism and the Revolution

 July 2014, Reconstrucción Comunista

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