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Socialism exhibition

by MLGS, 12 June 2014

Dear Comrades,

We provide you our Socialism exhibition. It is a contribution of the positive cultural socialism propaganda. The exhibition has already been shown in several places and seen by thousands. You always meets with great interest. It is easy to understand, even for people who read little.
Experience shows that care must be taken to the national differences. They correspond to linguistic, there are not always the same words and concepts are used.

The exhibition is advisable to build a criticism-self-criticism-wall. Thus visitors can write their opinion on it to socialism. You can draw from these conclusions turn your opinions.
Likewise, you can do portraits of people and hang their statement to socialism it.
The exhibition aims to launch a debate on the subject of socialism in motion as he look forth and see how to get there.

The pictures can you download full resolution. There are three variants; German, English, with no text. Pay attention when printing to the correct color settings depending on the Technique is different (RGB or CMYK).
If you make other translations, this sends us so we can make it to the page.

We look forward to your reports

For questions we are at your disposal:

Solidarity greetings

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