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The murderer Government, the enemy of workers and the oppressed must be resigned! Forward for General Strike and General Resistance!

MLCP Central Commitee, 14 May 2014

Workers, Women, the Youth and our Labourer People!
In Soma, hundreds of workers have lost their live through murder at work. Our pain is huge. But our anger is bigger than our pain. We know the murderers. It is a binding duty for the working class and the oppressed to remember the reverend memories of our death and to get hold of the murderers. The AKP government, the boss of the Soma Mine Company and other company managers are the partners in the massacre. They are the ones who put on fire hundreds of houses.  

Brothers and Sisters!
The murderer government does not recognize any limits in insolence by saying "we have announced mourning" and thus jokes with our labourer people.
Then we ask:
Wasn't it Tayyip Erdogan who said that "there is death in the nature of this job" when the coffins carrying the death bodies of 30 mine workers were lined up and the requiems were full on the sky in Zonguldak in 2010? Wasn't it the AKP's Work and Social Security Minister who said "they died nicely"?  
Wasn't it the AKP's MP who just two weeks ago said "flimsy demands" when there was a motion discussed in the parliament on the conditions of work security in Soma? Was it somebody else than AKP MPs who rejected the motion? And now, isn't it the Energy Minister of the AKP who says "it should not be considered as a disaster" while the hundreds of workers' death bodies are putted in cold storage?    
Is it somebody else than AKP government who gave that mine to a subcontractor company in order to make maximum profit in the cost of workers' blood and life?

We ask:
Isn't it the AKP who furiously defends the privatisation, the plundering of workforce by flexible working conditions, the laws that disregard workers' life safety and work security?
Isn't the death of workers in coal mines having increased 40% in the last nine years?
Isn't 13442 workers having lost their live in between 2002-2013, while AKP is in the government?
What mourning are you talking about, you the phonies and rascals!  
Do you think that you can escape from the anger of workers and the oppressed through such tricks? If so, why did you roll up police officers from Istanbul and Izmir to Soma? Why did you wanted to send the death bodies in the cold storages to the villages and towns of workers?  

Workers, Women, the Youth, our Kurdish people, Alewites, people from national communities, the poor, unemployed and labourers!
For the resignation of AKP government,
For arrestment and trial of Energy Minister Taner Yildiz, Work Minister Faruk Celik, the boss and managers at Soma Holding,
For the prohibition of subcontracting system,
For legal regulations on workers' life safety and work security,
For implementation work security controls by boards that consists of representatives elected by workers in their workplace, representatives of unions, medical associations, and chambers of architects and engineers,
For abandonment of all legal and de facto prohibitions on the unionisation and right to strike, 
Let's prepare for a general strike, general resistance by organising sitting actions, demonstrations, occupation, strike, boycott, shutting down the shutters and putting off the switches!
Let's bring together the forums and neighbourhood assemblies that came out during the June uprising, and take decisions to mobilize.
This is our duty for the Soma mine workers who lost their live through murder at work and for ten thousands of other workers who lost their life or became handicapped in murder at work.
This is our duty for Kemal Yildiz, whose 15 years old young body is being kept in cold storage, 13 years old Ugur Kaymaz who was shot dead, 15 years old Berkin Elvan who was murdered, and for the children whose bodies were crashed to pieces by bombs in Roboski.
This is our duty for women and men those who lay down their bodies onto the soil in the fight for freedom of press, speech, assembly, organisation and self-determination rights of peoples.
With all of its forces and devotedly, our Party will take its place in the forefront of this legitimate, just and requisite fight.

Those responsible of Soma massacre will be brought to justice!
General Strike General Resistance!
Down with the system of capitalist exploitation!
Down with the fascist colonialist dictatorship!
Long live freedom, long live Socialism!

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