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AKP-IS collaboration continues. Detention terror against socialists!

by MLCP Turkey/Kurdistan, International Office, 6 December 2015

In the morning of December 4, 2015 state terror faced those of the
SGDF (Federation of Socialist Youth Associations) in Istanbul,
Diyarbakir, Ankara, Eskisehir and Antakya, who the AKP tried to kill
in collaboration with the Islamic State in Suruc. State terror was
directed against those injured in Suruc and the witnesses who got away
unhurt from the massacre.

19 socialists have been detained, among them Oguz Yuzgec, co-chair of
the SGDF and veteran of Suruc, Ozgen Sadet, co-chair of the SGDF, who
lost her sister in the Suruc attack, Serife Erbay, who was candidate
of the HDP Istanbul at the elections, Suruc veteran Ilke Basak Baydar,
Dogukan Unlu, the brother of Polen Unlu who fell martyr in Suruc,
Cagdas Kücükbattal, who lost his eye in the Gezi resistance and was
injured in Suruc, Fethiye Ok, assistant of the president of the ESP
(Socialist Party of the Oppressed), Soner Cicek, chair of the ESP
Diyarbakir and Ece Simsek, press consultant of the general co-chair of
the HDP Figen Yuksekdag.

The dirty colonialist war launched with all force by Erdogan' s palace
junta spreads terror of state everywhere. Journalists who report on
the dirty games of the AKP-Erdogan dictatorship are detained, the
president of the Chamber of Lawyers of Diyarbakir, defender of human
rights and peace, the dignified Kurdish intellectual Tahir Elci was
assassinated, they are trying to oppress the democratic autonomy which
the Kurdish people is announcing locality by locality through stage of
emergency, curfew terror and executions in the streets. The denying,
colonialist fascist dictatorship is attacking specially the
socialists, who are a bridge of the united struggle among the Kurdish
and Turkish oppressed and of their common future. They want to break
the will of the SGDF and to intimidate the socialists. The socialists
are resisting on all levels against the dictatorship and are
continuing on their line to grow the struggle in order to defeat the
dictatorship with all determination.

Support the struggle against the IS-AKP alliance!

Organize solidarity with the detained socialists!



International Office

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