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Our Party's view about the situation of Nepal after the earthquake

by Nepal Communist Party (Mashal) - Central Office, 12 May 2015


This statement is issued to make our Party's view clear about the situation of Nepal after the earthquake.

After the earthquake many political parties, mainly those who are in opposition, are raising voice to form a national unity government (NUG) consisting of all political parties or organizations represented in the constitution assembly (CA). Our Party strongly opposes such an idea and will not join the government even if such a government is formed. It is certain that first of all it will backtrack the process of drafting construction. There is dispute between ruling and opposition political forces on the content and the process of drafting statute. If the opposition forces, who are in the minority in the CA, come to power they will do their best to make the constitution on racist and regionalist lines. They from the very beginning had been opposing the constriction to be passed by majority of the CA. If their views are not accepted by majority they will try to block the process of making of the constitution. So the task of making the constitution will be many times more difficult than before.

Now, it is generally voiced that national unity government is necessary for formulating the plan for relief and reconstruction and the carryout it effectively. But, after the formation of such a government the competition for power among the political parties will be of primary importance and the relief and reconstruction will be of minor importance. In such a situation, there will be possibility of creating more obstruction for relief and reconstruction work. We hold the view that in place of a NUG a council consisting of all parties of CA should be formed to look after that.

Our party's attention has also been drawn towards all party stricture adopted by parliament on May 9 which appeals to all political parties for their participation in relief and reconstruction work. In the context of great national crisis the massive cooperation or participation of people would contribute much to come over the crisis created by earthquake. But contrary to the all parties proposal adopted by the parliament, the government is acting against that. In the name of 'one door policy' the government is banning all political parties, their mass and class organization or other social organizations or people in general to go among the people to distribute goods or relief fund to earthquake victims. For example a few trucks of goods collected by the supporters of a fraternal organization of our Party and sent to Nepal to distribute among earthquake victims was captured by the military and the supporters of our Party were told that it was not business of them to distribute those materials among people and that would be done by themselves (military).

Such a policy on the part of the government, firstly, will have adverse effect on the relief collection and it will be less. Secondly, it is complained that the relief material is not distributed satisfactorily. Thus on door policy is hampering the policy of encouraging public for relief work. Our party emphasizes on adopting the policy of mass mobilization for collection and distribution of relief materials in place of such kind of one-door policy adopted by the government. At present when countrywide support or participation of people political parties or all social organizations is required, the policy of government to control such activities is not in the greater interest of the country it is very possible that such a policy of the government will shake the very ground of the democracy and will lead country to dictatorship of one or another kind. However, in spite of all these obstacles created by the government our Party is going to serve the people among the people in massive way collecting relief fund in large scale and distributing among them.

In the present situation, unwanted activities of the foreign powers are growing in the name of rescue, relief, and renovation or reconstruction of earthquake victims. Our Party attention has also been drawn toward this. Such activities may grow more in the situation of political instability prevailing in our country. Compromising policies of both main ruling or opposition political forces also are making the situation worse. After the massive earthquake, foreign military forces have come to Nepal in large number. Some have done praiseworthy work. But some are spying in the country of border area and doing activities which can harm the nationality or sovereignty of the country. Our party condemns such activities and draws the attention of the government to be at high alert against such activities. Our party emphasizes on creating a wide public consciousness too against such antinational activities.

Our party loudest (praises) the service of Nepal army, armed police or police for the rescue and relief distribution to the quake victims. But the tendency of monopolizing all such work to themselves on the one side and disobeying the instruction of government or civil administration in the name of helping victims also are found in them. If such style of work of army is not controlled in time, there will be possibility of happening unwanted political situation.

In the present situation, besides emphasizing on rescue and relief distribution, our party specially emphasizes on the need of making a long-term plan for improvement of the present situation caused by the earthquake or for the work of resettlement. Our party also emphasizes on making shelter for impoverished class by the government and to make scientific study of geological structure of the soil before making resettlement plan.

M.B. Singh

General Secretary


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