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Resolution on Nepal

ICOR, 13 March 2015

  1. The Nepalese people consisting of different national and ethnic minorities have a long and glorious history of struggle against monarchy, against imperialism and for democracy. The April Movement, in 2006, had succeeded because of the united movement of both revolutionary and democratic forces. The democratic achievements of the April Movement are still to be consolidated, and that task would not be complete without making the democratic constitution.
  2. The ICOR takes the events that are going on in Nepal seriously. After the dissolution of the 1st Constitutional Assembly (CA) without making the constitution, the election of the 2nd CA took place in 2013. But the date of 22 January 2015 fixed to make the constitution passed away without making the constitution. If the 2nd CA also fails to make a democratic constitution, the task of institutionalizing the republic will remain incomplete and the democratic system together with the republic will be endangered. For securing the achievements of the April Movement it is inevitable that its parties possibly set aside their individual interests for the sake of the common aim of the democratic constitution.
  3. Historically the formation of the bourgeois national state is a step forward which has to be defended against the regionalization and fragmentation created by feudalism.
  4. That is why the ICOR attaches great importance to the task of making the constitution. The future of the Nepalese people depends on the successful unification on a democratic constitution as precondition for advancing to a new-democratic revolution. In its resolution on Nepal from 30 October 2012 the ICC of ICOR wrote: “We have the firm view that the solution of the basic problems of Nepalese people would be possible when a radical change takes place in the existing political, economic and social system and that is possible only after a democratic or New Democratic Revolution succeeds. (…) Fulfillment of these tasks will prepare subjective and objective prerequisites for radical changes or revolution of higher nature.”
  5. If the tasks to make the constitution and to institutionalize the republic fail, it will serve the retrogression, but not the course of the revolution. So the democratic constitution and republic also have decisive importance for the cause of the revolutionary movement in Nepal at present.

Signatories (on 16th April 2015, further signatories possible):

  1. MMLPL Moroccan Marxist-Leninist Proletarian Line

  2. CPSA (ML) Communist Party of South Africa (Marxist-Leninist)

  3. PPSR WATAD Parti Patriote Socialiste Révolutionnaire WATAD (Patriotic Socialist Revolutionary Party WATAD), Tunisia

  4. MLOA Marxist-Leninist Organization of Afghanistan

  5. CPB Communist Party of Bangladesh

  6. CPI (ML) Red Star Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

  7. PCC CPI (ML) Provisional Central Committee Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

  8. NCP (Mashal) Nepal Communist Party (Mashal)

  9. NDMLP New-Democratic Marxist-Leninist Party, Sri Lanka

  10. Krasnyj Klin Gruppa Kommunistov-Revoljucionerov „Krasnyj Klin“ (Group of Communist Revolutionaries “Krasnyj Klin” [Red Wedge]), Belarus

  11. БКП Българска Комунистическа Партия (Bulgarian Communist Party)

  12. БРП(к) Българска Работническа Партия (комунисти) (Bulgarian Workers Party (Communist))

  13. KSC-CSSP Komunisticka Strana Cheskoslovenska – Cheskoslovenska Strana Prace (Communist Party of Czechoslovakia – Czechoslovakian Workers Party), Czech Republic

  14. MLPD Marxistisch-Leninistische Partei Deutschlands (Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany)

  15. KOL Kommunistische Organisation Luxemburg (Communist Organization of Luxemburg)

  16. RM Rode Morgen (Red Dawn), Netherlands

  17. MLP Marksistsko-Leninskaja Platforma (Marxist-Leninist Platform), Russia

  18. MLGS Marxistisch-Leninistische Gruppe Schweiz (Marxist-Leninist Group of Switzerland)

  19. MLKP Marksist Leninist Komünist Parti Türkiye-Kürdistan (Marxist Leninist Communist Party Turkey-Kurdistan)

  20. KSRD Koordinazionnyj Sowjet Rabotschewo Dvizhenija; Ukraina (Coordination Council of the Working-class Movement of Ukraine)

  21. PR Partija Rada (Party of Labor), Yugoslavia (ex)

  22. PCC-M Partido Comunista de Colombia – Maoista (communist Party of Colombia - Maoist)

  23. PC (ML) Partido Comunista (Marxista Leninista) (Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)), Dominican Republic

  24. PCP (independiente) Partido Comunista Paraguayo (independiente) (Paraguayan Communist Party (independent))

  25. ROL Revolutionary Organization of Labor, USA

signed after the release date

  1. PPP Partido Proletario del Perú (Proletarian Party of Peru)

  2. BP (NK-T) Bolşevik Parti (Kuzey Kürdistan-Türkiye) (Bolshevik Party (North Kurdistan-Turkey))

  3. MIKSZ Magyar Ifjúság Közösségi Szervezete (Organisation of Hungarian Youth Community), Hungary


Additional Signatories (Non-ICOR):

Trotz alledem!, Germany



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