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Statement on the Nepalese Earthquake

ICOR Asian Coordinating Commitee, 25 April 2015


The Asian Coordination Committee of ICOR is deeply sorrowed by the amount of death and destruction that has been caused by the recent earthquake in Nepal. The devastation caused in this country which already suffers from extreme poverty is beyond imagination. Over 1000 are feared dead and vast damage has been caused to property with iconic structures like the Dharahara and the Swayambhu Temple lying in ruins.

The spate of such massive earthquakes in recent years is, no doubt, due to the massive global warming and climate change that is taking place as a result of the continuing wanton exploitation of natural resources by international capitalism at a pace which is clearly unsustainable. Many more such disasters can be expected unless we stop such destruction of natural resources and replace the system of capitalism, the world over, with a system which is more attuned to making humanity harmonise with nature.

While expressing our deepest condolences and sympathies for the people of Nepal, the Asian Coordination Committee of ICOR pledges to support the people of Nepal in this, their hour of need and calls upon all democratic and left forces to come together to help the people in whatever way possible. We look to the ICOR parties in Nepal, the NCP (Mashal) and the CPN Unified to convey our help to the people of Nepal and to keep the parties of ICOR informed about what are the possibilities for such help. We call upon all ICOR parties to come out strongly at this time with help for the people of Nepal in whatever manner possible according to their respective capacities.

Asian Coordination Committee



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