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The Palace Prepares for a Bloody Power; there is no other way than self-defense

CC of MLCP 19 July 2016


The racist militarist junta, described itself as the “Council of Peace in the Country”, has attempted for a coup on 15 of July. There were widespread armed clashes between the forces affiliated to the militarist putsch-plotters and the police-civilian Islamic racist bands affiliated with the Palace coup. Hundreds of people have lost their life while hundreds of them are wounded. The initial aim of the putsch-plotters was to take power by armed force from Erdogan and AKP 's Palace coup. There is no doubt that if the militarist Peace in the Country coup has ever succeeded would take the role of denier fascist Place coup against our people, the workers and the oppressed.

The coup attempt by the racist militarist junta has shown that the crises of not-being-able-to-rule by the rulers is continuing, the cracks among the ranks of the fascist dictatorship have deepened and sharpened to the level of armed showdown between different cliques. On 15 July, the fascist dictatorship and the state order rolled down into full chaos. The vertical cracks and splits within the army has clearly proven that the power of racist Islamic fascist Palace junta is not that strong as it has been tried to be shown.

When the fascist despot Erdogan was trying to organize the Palace coup to liquidate the Assembly that came out following the 7 June elections and especially the people's will represented by the HDP , the members of Peace in the Country putsch-plotters were among the triggers those who helped him. Erdogan's Palace coup, which put in place the fascist tyranny and bloody war policy, strengthened the army with new laws, has also opened the way for putsch-plotters. This is why the 15 July is a coup within the coup, a settling of accounts for power among the putsch-plotters.

There is no connection between our people's demand for freedom and democracy, their longing for a life in dignity and the fascist dictatorship's criminal partners policy of tyranny and war those who fly at one another's throat. What is taking place is a struggle for power among two cliques of the dictatorship. The fascist Palace junta is not more democrat than the fascist military junta. The 15 July coup attempt has already ended and it was unsuccessful because it did not get the military, political and international support that it needed to capture the power. The Palace coup's strategy and attempts to strengthen its pro-coup power in this situation by permuting democracy heroism must be exposed continuously. Fascist politic Islamic Palace putsch-plotters are not victims but in the power and at the head of the dictatorship.

If being against coup is a democratic value than why the CHP and MHP today continue to support Palace coup as they did yesterday? Why they have supported the 8 June coup? Didn't they collaborated with the Palace coup in lifting the impunities of HDP representatives in the parliament? Isn't it the same AKP and fascist hangman Erdogan, who now presents himself as the apostle of democracy, forced on the Assembly to lift impunities still by knowing that it is against the constitution? Haven't the CHP and MHP supported the fascist Palace coup's policy of tyranny and war?

Haven't the terror apparatus of the Palace coup put bombs on the demonstration points and party buildings? Isn't it the Palace coup and AKP, headed by fascist hangman Erdogan, responsible of the coup organized against 7 June people's will by mainly liquidating freedom of democratic action, repressing by censorship the freedom of propaganda, agitation and thought, liquidating through judicial-police operations the organizations of the oppressed, and pointing out guns on the forehead of the people by mobilizing their intelligence organization MIT , the police and fascist bands? Isn't it the Palace coup and AKP who tried to suppress our Kurdish people's magnificent self-government resistance in Cizre, Sur, Silopi, Nusaybin and Sirnak by implementing all kind of barbarism, massacre and policy of expatriation; who tried to oppress with bans and fascist state terror the Newroz and 1 May celebrations? No one should put themselves under a delusion! No one should expect democracy from AKP and the parliament that is under the control of racist Islamic fascist Palace coup.

Erdogan's racist Islamic fascist Palace coup is threatening our people and preparing for a power bloodier than ever by benefiting from the chaos and leaning on to the Islamic fascist bands sent to the streets and the police apparatus that has been turned into an army. Our people, particularly the progressive, revolutionary and democratic forces, the workers and oppressed, seculars, Alewites and Kurdish people are face to face with a great danger.

Democracy and freedom will gain victory by the united revolutionary democratic resistance of our people, the working class and the oppressed. As the last incidents show, our people do not have other guarantee than their own strength and united struggle. There is no other way than increasing the struggle against denier, colonial fascist dictatorship in all possible forms, organizing and developing the armament and self-defense of workers and the oppressed.

Our peoples' united revolutionary struggle will definitely take to the victory the fight for dignity, freedom, justice and peoples' equality.

Revolution is the only way!

We will defeat fascism!

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