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YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MIGRANTS’ DRAMA and People's United Revolution Movement (PURM) Announced Its Foundation

International Bulletin No. 162 MLCP, 15 April 2016

The agreement between the EU and Turkey that means nothing else than negotiating on the future of those who had to flee from the war areas and to migrate has been launched on 4th April. If you think that with this agreement human dignity could be trampled on, how reaction and xenophobia could be practiced, how racism and chauvinism are appeased, how fascism, concrete the Turkish fascist dictatorship, is supported to make profit for the EU, pioneer of so-called democracy, and whilst this happens how the Kurdish nation experiences a policy based on murder and annihilation and how this is supported, then you should have a look at this agreement. This agreement is the biggest disgrace in history for the EU and the so-called democratic countries. It is nothing else than sanctimony. From the point of Turkey none of these terms has a meaning.

When we read the contents of the agreement, we won’t be able to find anything like a guilty conscience of the so-called democratic EU. What you’ll find are: related to the migrants’ question Turkey should stop the migrant flow, Turkey should host them and hinder illegal border crossings to the EU; letting migrants into the EU should be coordinated supported by Turkey (every migrant hindered to cross the EU-border illegally and sent back shall be exchanged with a migrant accepted to the EU). In exchange for that, the EU will pay 3 billion € in addition to 3 billion € agreed on.

Regardless whether the fascist dictatorship has agreed with the EU on the migrants’ question or not, it is in the situation to kill several birds with one stone. The number of migrants only coming from Syria is 2,6 million. This migrants’ crowd is used by Turkey as a strong weapon against the EU. Turkey makes the EU bow in front of the “decent” demands.

-The fascist regime brutally attacked those cities and provinces that had announced self-government in Northern Kurdistan, Kurdish people were killed and annihilation practiced. The whole world as well as the EU is watching.

- The relation of migrants with the EU, therefor with the Western world, shall be leavened, although both parties believe in that, the EU membership process shall be hurried and the oppression on the regime relaxed

-The EU shall be made a defender of the politics “safe area” in Syria

-The EU shall defend Turkey against the tensions caused by Russia and efforts of Russia to oppress Turkey

-Achieving ground for TANAP (Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline) and East Mediterranean potential pipe line

-Resettling migrants to especially Rojava Northern Kurdistan’s border in order to change the demographic structure

-Considering migrants as potential votes

- Considering migrants who are old enough to work as cheap work power

As the “leader of the general public” R. T. Erdogan threatened the EU saying: “Do buses and planes stand there for nothing?”. This threat has shown its effect. As long as migrants are used by Turkey as a means of threat, the EU will remain impartial on behalf of Turkey regardless of its support to regional and international questions of the fascist dictatorship. Or the EU will follow the strategy to solve the migrants’ question from its core.

It is possible that the EU solves the migrants’ question from its core? It is brave enough for that? No, it’s not, because the real responsible for this question and this drama are the imperialist countries themselves. When ten thousands, hundred thousands came to the EU borders, they had to accept their existence. The agreement between Turkey and the EU is not only a tragedy but a crime in reality. It is a crime because migration is a direct result of the imperialist countries’, which are striving after hegemony, plundering wars, occupations and changing regimes according to their own profits’. With this agreement the EU can’t hide its hypocrisy, fake democracy or the crime committed when sending the migrants sent back to their home countries through Turkey and it can’t get away from this guilt. When these “damned” of the world started migrating and started to get into the EU borders, the “Western values’ community” hasn’t hesitated to show its hypocrisy. From the point of view of the EU it is hypocrisy: It didn’t want to see the problem and behaved hypocritical. When it had to face the problem, the EU was still behaving hypocritical. Even when the EU tried to behave human there was hypocrisy and when it chose between the migrants, it was hypocritical.

Imperialist politics, geopolitical ambitions, the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, the dissolution of Libya, the civil war in Syria have nothing else produced than poverty, millions of people killed and fled. The real reason for millions of people migrating is imperialism itself.

Imperialism can’t get rid of the migrants’ question this quickly. The agreement between Turkey and the EU won’t stop the wave of migration, when these wars and the reasons for migration continue; the number of migrants coming to the West and EU will grow. No one should doubt that hundred thousands and millions will migrate. Country occupations, power wars, destruction and plundering come back to the imperialists as homeless, unemployed people without a future.


People's United Revolution Movement (PURM) Announced Its Foundation

Through a statement on 12 March 2016 in Qandil, 9 revolutionary parties and organisations struggle in Turkey and Kurdistan (MLKP, PKK , TKP/ML, DKP, TKEP/L eninist, MKP , THKP-C /MLSPB, Revolutionary Quarter and TİKB ) have announced the foundation of PURM to the people of Turkey, Kurdistan, Middle East and the world. And they added that the other revolutionary groups may also participate in the united revolutionary struggle.

In the statement it has been said that the Turkish bourgeois state conducts a dirty war both inside and outside the country; therefore a revolutionary resistance and war will be grown against the so-called total liquidation process on the revolution, our peoples and the revolutionary movement, and against the political, psychological and military war and genocide. By pointing out the task to increase revolutionary fight against imperialism, fascism and all kind of reactionary and the overthrow of fascist regime, it has been declared that they will fight for a democratic Turkey and free Kurdistan with a great determination, will-power and united action.

The political task drawn up from the actual situation is being formulated in the following words: “Saying stop to the AKP fascism and let them face the defeat has become the most important, primary and indeterminable task of all people of Turkey and the revolutionary-democratic forces.” And this task “will create a free and democratic Turkey and clear the path for the Middle East revolution”.

And in the last section of the statement it was said: “We came together on the basis of principles... in order to overthrow the Erdogan tyranny and AKP's fascist power to reach a democratic Turkey and free Kurdistan, and to contribute to the free and democratic life in all Middle East and the world. And by announcing the People's United Revolution Movement, we decided to increase the struggle on this basis.” They stated that they will respond to the violence and will-power of the counter-revolution with the revolutionary will-power, violence and self-defence.

The revolutionary decision of revolutionary and progressive organisations represents the actual need of the struggle for revolution and socialism in Turkey, Kurdistan and the Middle East. It is the will to materialise thoughts and achieve success for the demands of democracy, freedom, people's fraternity and peace. It is the announcement of revolutionary forces to take position and increase the fight against the counter-revolution.

The AKP government and fascist dictator President Erdogan did not accept the results of the general elections held on 7 June 2015. After the defeat in elections, he has ended the “solution process” that they had been conducting with Kurdish freedom movement, and the “Dolmabahce commitment”. He has attacked to the Kurdish people, Alewites, revolutionary movement, the oppressed social groups, the academicians who signed the petition for peace, the journalists and the workers and labourers' search for rights in the country. The de facto fascist attacks, which do not recognise even their own laws, are continually being made legitimate on the level of laws and institutionalisation. The bourgeois parliament and justice system has been made to dis-function and directed first time at this level in the history.

In the last two years the AKP government and Erdogan's dictatorship has many times came face to face with blink of overthrow such as during Gezi-June uprising, 6-8 October uprisings, 17-25 December corruption and bribery incidents and the 7 June election defeat. He was saved from toppling down by the support from imperialist forces, reactionary-fascist parties, press and institutions in the country. When the partial and scattered situation of revolutionary parties and groups did not allow them to organise the developing opposition to the capitalism and fascism, the Islamic fascist regime has continued to govern and fortify itself.

The AKP government, which poisons the society with Turkish-Islam paradigms, political Islamic reactionary and Turkish chauvinism, continues its policies to govern and gain elections on the axes of Kurdish enmity. It is massacring the Kurdish youth and women, burning the wounded people or leaving them to die through colonial annihilation and violence in the Kurdish towns such as Silopi, Cizre, Sur, Yuksekove and Sirnak. It is trying to sustain colonial hegemony by moving Kurdish towns or by forcefully organising the transfer of the lands to the state-ownership.

As a warmongering force in the Middle East and Syria, and a force feeding ISIS gangs, the AKP government and Erdogan dictator conducts war directly or upon ISIS and other Islamic fascist gangs against the people and democratic forces of the region. By using religion-sect differences and ethnic contradictions and conflicts, it is perceiving policies to led people to war with each other. He is a troublemaker for the Middle East, too!

The ongoing war in the Middle East is today continuing in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Turkey. The imperialist forces, the reactionary states of the region are conducting war for hegemony. The people of the region, lacking of the revolutionary and democratic leadership, unfortunately fight for other forces but not for themselves.

The people's rebellion in the Middle East has brought about a freedom revolution and democratic administration only in Rojava. The people in Rojava has created their own democratic governance under the leadership of PYD and YPG. The Rojava revolution has proved that another Middle East is possible. And the imperialist forces seeing this reality want to strangle the Rojava revolution in collaboration with regional reactionary forces.

This is why the PURM also states “Today, the protection, defence and reproduction of the free Rojava is one of the most important tasks of all revolutionary-democratic forces”, and foresees that the united revolutionary struggle “will open the way for Middle East revolution”.

The PURM will advance to the revolution in line of “developing violent and non-violent meetings, demonstrations, protests, strikes and boycotts; from the most inclusive and rich mass resistances to regional uprisings, and wide range of revolutionary violence actions from narrow individual actions to militia and guerilla actions.”

In order to reach political goals in this process, the MLKP and PKK's actions, their riveting force and skill will play crucial role. And the movement can only reach its aims only by being active in the political struggle and through militant revolutionary actions.

Long Live the United Revolution Movement!

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