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For an independent left assertion

Resolution of the 3rd World Conference of ICOR, November 2017


The situation in the world today reflects the desperation of the workers and other toiling sections of the masses. The masses are clearly dissatisfied with their present circumstances. They want change. In the absence of a viable left alternative, sections of the masses are looking to the far right for this change. This alone explains why Trump could get elected, Brexit could be passed, why Marine Le Pen, though not elected could get such a large percentage of the votes as could the AfD in Germany. This is the reason why there is the present swing in the elected governments in South America with parties supporting right wing measures having won elections in many countries. The same trends can be seen all over the world.

In this situation there is a feeling among many liberals in society that the earlier dispensation was much better. There is a feeling that Hillary Clinton was the answer for the problems of the US, that Merkel is the hero in Germany and Macron in France. There is a trend to identify Kirchner as a desirable ruler for Argentina and the Congress as the solution for India.

In this situation it is necessary for revolutionaries to assert that one cannot go backwards in history. The earlier “welfare state” dispensation is not the answer to the problems facing the world. Only socialism can solve these problems. It is the “welfare stare” which was the cause of the problems in the first place. This was just another form of capitalism and imperialism in the world which was adopted to help it to survive. The “welfare state” was not able to solve the inherent contradictions of capitalism and was abandoned with the growth of crisis in favour of neoliberal policies.

The revolutionaries have to, therefore, build up an independent left assertion in each country, rather than form a block with the centrists. The revolutionaries have to study the concrete situation in each country and offer alternatives based on socialist principles to the concrete problems faced by the people like education, health care, employment, industry, agriculture, etc. It is only in this fashion that a viable left alternative can be built up which will help to again attract the youth and the workers and other toiling masses towards socialism and communism.

In this situation, another trend to be noted is the one that claims that war is imminent. This is also put forward as a rationale for supporting Clinton over Trump, for supporting Merkel over the AfD or for supporting the centrist trends all over the world over the far right. No doubt, in the present situation, there is grave danger of war. As the crisis of capitalism continues to enhance its grip over the economy of the world, imperialism will attempt to solve this crisis by war. Flashpoints around West Asia and in the South China seas or in places like the Ukraine cannot be ignored. At the same time, the situation is not one in which we have to support the centrists forces to avert war. Revolutionaries have to be conscious of this situation.

This is the situation in which we have to assert with concrete solutions for concrete problems facing the people, that

Workers of the world unite,

Workers and Oppressed Peoples of all countries unite, Socialism is the only alternative.

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