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Call for action against the attack of Turkish state to Êfrin

MLKP Turkey/Kurdistan, January 2018

Aggression towards Afrin which had been launched by fascist politic-islamist Erdogan and Turkish bourgeois army turned into an occupation and a massacre attempt named as “Olive branch operation” by the fascist regime. This attack launched together with FSA gangs, at the same time, is an attack towards all working class, the oppressed and national liberation struggles.

Êfrin was a rare place where the war haven't spread and Kurdish, Arabic, Turkmen, Armenian, Assyrian people are represented in the assemblies. It was a free land which has been taking immigrants from the war zones since the beginning of Syrian war. Attack to Êfrin means attack to the peoples' will of living together and with this invasion attempt, Kurdish hostility of colonialist fascist Turkish state once more crossed the borders.

Fascist Turkish army and FSA gangs launched offensives both from land and from air to the areas where civilians live and bombed the city centers. There are already news about killing and wounding of tens of civilians.

It is a must that world's democracy forces, all the peace movements, progressives, revolutionaries, communists struggle against fascist politic-islamist Erdogan and his government.

Therefore, protests should be organized in front of Turkish assemblies around the world. Pressure should be put on the world governments for demanding to cut off the relations with Erdogan government, to stop weapon sales to fascist regime and to ensure the arrival of the internationalists who want to come to Êfrin and Minbic for solidarity with the peoples.

We support the people of Êfrin and their vanguard forces resisting against the attacks of the fascist politic-islamist Erdogan regime!

Let's fill the streets and squares against the colonialist, genocidal fascist invasion!

Let's organize solidarity with the peoples of Êfrin and Minbic, Rojava and North Syria!

Down with imperialism, down with colonialist fascist dictatorship!

Long live the fraternity of the peoples!

Long live the resistance of the peoples of Rojava and North Syria!


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