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Call of Chinese Marxists for solidarity with eight leftist political prisoners in China

Chinese Marxists, 28.01.2018

Dear comrades and friends,

As you may have known from the mainstream medias [1][2]several Chinese young leftists had been arrested by the Panyu Police station, which is in Guangzhou, Guangdong province. Zhang Yunfan and other youths have been charged with the crime “assembling a crowd to disrupt public order”, although all they have done was just studying Marxism and discussing about some historical events in a classroom of the GuangDong University of Technology. The police arrested four youths who have participated in that reading group. After interrogating Zhang Yunfan for one month, they found nothing but the truth that these young people haven't done anything illegal. So they put Zhang Yunfan into surveillance confinement for another six months by which the police can extend the detention and continue the interrogation.

According to the confessions[3] made by these young leftists, they were treated terribly during the days of being detained. There were no beds for them to sleep, so they have to sleep on the cold floor. In order to interrogate as long as possible, the police only allow them to sleep four hours a day. Even the time for them to go to toilet was strictly controlled. Due to the physical and spiritual abuses and insults, the health conditions of these young people, especially the girl Sun Tingting severely deteriorated.

Thanks to the petition signed by several intellectuals across the political spectrum, Zhang Yun fan have been released on bail on 29th Dec 2017. Sun Tingting and other two were release several days later. But their “crime” haven't been canceled by the police, and the other four youths including girlfriend of Zhang Yunfan are being pursued as “fugitives” by the police on the internet. These young people can be arrested any time the police think they want them back. They are in great danger right now!

We strongly condemn the police brutality and abuse of power by Panyu police. It is very difficult for many people to really believe that this ridiculous anti-communist brutality can happen in a “socialist” county, in a “people’s” republic. That’s why this case has stimulated an outcry across all the leftist in China. Many people who are not leftists, including some of the liberals, have also shown serious concerns about the consequence if the police manage to frame these innocent young people: there will be no freedom of speech in China any more.

So we ask all the socialists and communists around the world to pay close attention to the rising anti-worker, anti-women, anti-communist and anti-leftist sentiment in China. We really need your solidarity with us, to stop the police form bringing these young people back to the prison and to expose the anti-communist nature of Chinese authority.

Workers of the world, unite!


Chinese Marxists



[1]Chinese scholars sign open letter calling for release of Maoist intellectual

[2] Un maoïste en détention au pays de Mao

[3] Locked Up for Reading: Voices from the November 15th Incident



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