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Declaration of solidarity to the opressed workers at Jiashi Technology in Shenzhen / China

Monday's demonstration in Gelsenkirchen, 27. August 2018


The participants of the 685th Gelsenkirchen Monday Demonstration on August 27, 2018 issued the following declaration:

"Dear colleagues at Jiashi Technology,

we declare our full solidarity and support!

We are the Gelsenkirchen Monday demonstration, part of a  movement in Germany. Since 14 years we have been in the streets every Monday for social and political rights and freedom and to save nature.

Among us are mine workers, automotive workers, workers of the supplier, glass and paper industries, we are German, Kurdish, Spanish and Dutch demonstrators. Some of us were oppresses and dismissed for organizing labor struggles.

We recognize currently in Germany, as in many other countries, how those in power are moving to the right, increasing oppression and restricting rights and freedoms. We will not accept that!

Your fight against increased exploitation and oppression and for a trade union is entirely justified!

We are deeply impressed by your courage and steadfastness against capitalist and police oppression.

We demand with you

the immediate release of all detainees without further reprisals,

punishment of those responsible for the harassment

and the right to form a union!

We would like to encourage you to hold on to your struggle - we must never give up in the fight for our rights and a future worth living. We know each other side by side with people all over the world.

Long live international solidarity!"

With kind regards

Thomas Kistermann and Martina Reichmann


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