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France: Solidarity of railwail workers with the struggle of workers of Shenzhen and her supporters!

UPML France, Proletarian standing up! (special issue, September 2018), 27/09/2017


Dear SNCF * comrades and friends,

the Proletarian Union ML (UPML) supported the railway workers' strike of this spring/summer 2018. We made your struggle known and we organised international solidarity (see declaration of solidarity in Europe on our blog:

Today, we ask for your solidarity: in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone of China, the workers of Jiashi (Jasic) Technology Company Ltd. produce high-tech equipment, including electronic welding machines, used in the construction of boats, buildings and trains - perhaps even here in Landy/Saint-Denis?

The workers, extremely exploited and oppressed, are in struggle, they face dismissals, torture and some supporters have simply disappeared. No one knows where they are today! The activists turned to the International Coordination of Revolutionary Organizations (ICOR), with which struggles Proletarian Union ML, to organize solidarity throughout the world.

Workers all over the world are struggling against exploitation and oppression - we are one class!

Sign the petition of solidarity to the workers fighting at Jiashi Technologies in Shenzhen and their supporters.


*SNCF = Société nationale de chemin de fer


Petition of solidarity with the workers of Shenzhen/China:

These workers fight, with great courage and determination, for the right to organize in fighting unions. They have our full support!

Their struggle is known and finds solidarity all over the world - because workers all over the world are fighting against exploitation and oppression. Our struggles in France are also threatend and sanctioned.

Our struggle is international! Workers of all countries, unite!


We demand:

- Immediate release of all arrested activists!

- Sanctions of those responsible for bullying and repression!

- For workers' rights and their free association in trade unions!


This petition is organized by the Proletarian Union ML, Friend of the ICOR (International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations)


Several dozen comrades signed today ; our action continues !


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