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Freedom for Turgut Kaya and Hidir Gönek!

Unité Communiste de Lyon et UPML / France – Joint declaration, 04.07.2018


Solidarity for the liberation of Turgut Kaya and Hidir Gönek, and against their extradition to the fascist Turkish regime.


  Comrades Turgut Kaya and Hidir Gönek, revolutionnary activists, are being detained since April in Greek jails. For 33 days, they started a hunger strike to protest against their departure to Erdogan's Turkey, a large scale people's prison and the forefront of reactionary repression in the region.


  We just learned that Turgut Kaya has been hospitalized, because of an extremely weakened physical state. Turgut Kaya knows too well the horrors that awaits him in the detention centers on the other side of the Aegan sea. Beeing an activist journalist, he has been arrested many times, in 1992, 1994, 1997 and in 2006, in Turkey, suffering torture, isolation, inhuman treatments and humiliations. The Greek state already arrested him in 2015 with the intent to send him back to the Turkish fascists.


  Each time he got arrested, the accusation of being a member of TKP/ML, heavily repressed and considered illegal in Turkey, was admitted by the prosecution. Each time, Interpol and the local police were the proxies of the Turkish fascist state to track down syndicalists, activists, progressives and revolutionaries. To these criminals, we oppose our solidarity, our mutual help, our will to confront Imperialism and Fascism worldwide.


We impose the immediate and inconditional liberation of Turgut Kaya. We strongly condemn the collaboration between European states and the gestapo of reactionary states.


We salute the struggle of revolutionary forces inside of the Turkish state. International solidarity is not a thrown out word. Here, in the core of Imperial forces, just as in the dominated or intermediate states, we all form a collective front against imperialism and capitalism. Every attack from reactionaries or proxies of the bourgeoisie is an attack against all of the international revolutionary struggle.


Unité Communiste de Lyon call for direct mobilisation for the liberation of Turgut Kaya and Hidir Gönek, as well as all progressive and revolutionary political prisoners detained in Turkey and all around the globe.


Freedom for Turgut Kaya !


Freedom for Hidir Gönek !

Unité Communiste de Lyon - Union Prolétarienne Marxiste-Léniniste 

Member of ICOR's friends



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