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Fund-raising Call for the Health Care Center in Kobanê

ICOR, ICC, 25 June 2018


Your contribution for an ecological reconstruction of the city of resistance!

With the support of the Turkish state under Erdogan, IS-terrorists attacked Kobanê on 15 September 2014. For many months militants of the people's defense units defended the establishment of a new life in Rojava with all their power and under unequal conditions. The IS was defeated through this heroism, and the city became the symbol of the most advanced struggle for democracy and freedom at present.

But the threat to the revolution in Rojava is continuing. Not least because of the occupation of Afrin by the Turkish state, which had been prepared for a long time, it becomes clear that international solidarity has to be organized more urgently than ever before, because the establishment of an equal, free life in Rojava is being continued despite all obstacles!

The ICOR positioned itself for the revolution and supported it from the very beginning. The construction of a health care center in Kobanê is the symbol of this practical solidarity. 177 volunteer brigadists from 10 countries, together with local construction workers, realized this project in 2015. Meanwhile the health care center has been equipped as a maternity clinic. Since then more than 4,000 children have already been born there.

Now it is important to fit out the health care center ecologically. The development of a self-sufficient and ecological power supply is a basic goal in the region. The health care center also wants to fulfill these requirements for which preparations are now underway. With a highly developed photovoltaic plant, the health care center will become a role model for the ecological and progressive power supply in the region. We want to contribute to this and collect further donations. 60,000 € for the photovoltaic and thermal insulation have already been collected by the “Ecological Initiative Rojava” inSolidarity International”. A total of 45,000 € are still needed.

As ICOR we will continue with this example for making international solidarity real.

Therefore we call for creative actions, activities and events in order to learn from this solidarity and to make it known, as well as to collect donations.

Every contribution counts!


Fund-raising bank account:

„Solidarität International e.V.“:

IBAN: DE86 5019 0000 6100 8005 84

BIC: FFVB DEFF (Frankfurter Volksbank)

Key word: „Ökologischer Wiederaufbau Kobanê“

Your donation will be used exclusively for the construction of the health care center in Kobanê!


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