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Signing the call „No handing over of Turgut Kaya in Turkey!“

ICOR European Continental Committee, 1 June 2018


Zeynep Caliskan – co-chairman of ATIK

Süleyman Gürcan – co-chairman of ATIK

Ufuk Berdan – co-ordinator for international relations of ATIK


Signing the call „No handing over of Turgut Kaya in Turkey!“


Dear Turgut Kaya,

dear Zeynep, dear Süleyman, dear Ufuk,

dear comrades of ATIK,


with outrage we have read that Turgut Kaya should be hand over from Greece to the fascistic Erdogan's regime in Turkey. There threaten him once more torture and acute mortal danger. We energetically protest against it and demand the immediate release of Turgut and the stop of the handing over procedure by the Greek „Ministry of justice, transparency and human rights“.

With the arrest of Turgut the Greek state follows the reactionary refugee-deal of the EU with the fascistic regime in Turkey. Also other governments like the Federal Government in Germany are active as an extended arm of Erdogan, pursues Turkish revolutionaries and puts them like in Munich in court. For months our German member's organization MLPD protested among other organizations also against it.

Europe ICOR announces this scandal under her member's organizations and organizes the solidarity.

Immediate release of Turgut Kaya and stop of the handing over procedure to Turkey!

For free political activity of all members of the resistance against the fascistic Erdogan's regime - worldwide!

High the international solidarity!

The co-ordinators of ICOR Europe

Jeroen Toussaint and Joachim Griesbaum

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