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Update about student movement in Bangladesh

Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB), 29 August 2018


As we reported earlier, the student protest is continuing, but on different forms. Students demanded immediate release of student activists before Eid ul adha festival. Government, who have control over the lower court, had understood the situation, and partially met the demand of the students. Most of the student activists got bail from lower court before Eid. But false police cases is still there, so government can harass students anytime.

Students are not occupying streets at this moment, but the anger is there. There was some protest in capital even in Eid day, but in a smaller form. As National Election is due in December this year, the tension in politics have become the national attention. Now people understand that, under this undemocratic environment, political movement is important. CPB led left Democratic alliance is now demanding participatory election under neutral government as this autocratic government and election Commission have failed to gain the confidence of people and political parties to arrange a minimum free and fair election.   

Thank you.

Md Kibria,

Member, International department, CPB

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