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Greeting from the Continental Coordinating Committee America

ICOR, Continental Coordinating Committee America, 06 October 2020


we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the foundation of ICOR in a worldwide situation of deep crises: an economic crisis, a political and social crisis, an environmental and health crisis. This leads to the intensification of the inter-imperialist contradictions and at the same time the struggles of the peoples are advancing. On the American continent, we are developing popular struggles from the USA to Tierra del Fuego. Popular struggles that are an expression of this whole process, where the pandemic of COVID-19 has led to the development of these contradictions, the worldwide crisis is deepening and the popular struggles and social struggles are advancing.
Very important popular struggles are taking place on the American continent. Latin America in particular is in a process of rivalry between US imperialism, the Chinese, the Russians and the European Union. And this is one side of the situation here. That is why it is important that we create the celebration of this 10th anniversary of our revolutionary movement in the midst of these struggles, in the midst of these storms of popular movements of the different social classes, of the different revolutionary movements and parties. We of ICOR America believe that it is important that all peoples of the world pay attention to all these processes, that they are a part of this revolutionary internationalism, which is an aspect of the fighting principles of ICOR. We of ICOR America send this greeting and also say that the present moment is a moment of organization and struggle for socialism.
To all member organizations of ICOR, to all friends of ICOR, to all comrades: A revolutionary greeting for these 10 years!
Thank you.

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