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Information about the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Partija Rada – ByH (Bosnia and Herzegovina), 16.09.20


We will try to explain to you in short terms about the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and our work.
With the bad economy before the pandemic, the coronavirus pandemic made it worse here in our country. The government that is radical right-wing used the pandemic to make the country more repressive. They brought laws that prevent any kind of gathering, with that they made it harder to form any kind of protests.
Medical equipment was ordered with the government's fund but most of the money made for medical equipment actually ended up in their pockets. Even the donations coming from international organizations ended up being used for commercial use (for example, selling medical drugs, paying for tests etc.) One of the examples is they bought one hundred unusable respirators and they were paid ten times more than they are worth, which makes that 90% of the money was stolen. In that affair, the premier of the government is directly responsible. Even  with the overwhelming evidence, there was no justice sought.
The worst situation is in the economy, we had a high number of unemployment and with the coronavirus pandemic the numbers rose up by 30%. They use this situation to take more funds from the IMF (International Monetary Fund). The worst fact is that the government brought up laws about work that completely removed even the small rights our workers had. The government syndicate is in the hands of radical right-wing party and they put their own people in the syndicate.

Our actions through social media are suppressed with a counter-attack financed by the radical right-wing.

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