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Matters CPI (ML) Red Star

CPI(ML) Red Star, General Secretary KN Ramachandran, New Delhi 5th April 2020




Covid-19 which has already spread to almost all countries in the world, already killing more than 20000, affecting nearly half a million and tens of millions under quarantine or observation, with all these numbers still increasing very fast, sometimes doubling in two or three days in some countries. Only these numbers have started decreasing in China, South Korea, Cuba and Singapore. While the second most populous country in the world is under a 21 days’ total curfew and many European countries are under total lock down, partial lock down or curfew is widespread in most of the countries, with no end to this health and consequent catastrophe in sight! This terrifying experience is first of its kind after the Homo sapiens started inhabiting this planet. All the customs, traditions, superstitions, sectarian beliefs based on religious, racist, caste, ethnic divisions created and pursued by the humans so far and prevailing over the scientific studies and conclusions so far, for which they were fighting each other, shedding bled and creating genocides, remain at least suspended; and those who were boasting about achieving human supremacy over nature are silent. Covid-19 has become a great leveller in a way, with one thought, how much of the humanity and what they created so far can survive it dominant everywhere!

Meanwhile the economy is collapsing. Most of the industries are closed down, all educational institutions closed down, the airways, train services, bus services and other forms of transport closed down; with increasing number of people confronting horrifying challenges, with vast numbers of the people in the large number of backward countries not having food, shelter, necessary healthcare. Nobody dares to predict how long this alarmist situation shall continue, and what will be the shape of things whenever this pandemic retreats. As the lock down continues, many more shall lose jobs, all the savings of billions shall vanish, and face starvation if drastic steps are not taken urgently by the governments. When some hope, the coming of summer in northern hemisphere shall better the situation, as no medicine even to prevent it is so far not developed, the future is really uncertain. Another summer like last year, with mercury shooting up, and heavy rain fall within short periods may even worsen the situation. As most of the economies, including those of the ‘most developed countries’, like US, West European countries are facing dire threats, as the WHO chief repeats we are still far away from cornering and destroying the novel corona virus, the situation continues to be extremely grave.

None of those who were lording over the world so far dares to give any answer to the mounting questions, like what created it? Can there be a remedy to such things? When the medicine for it, or at least a preventive drug is going to be developed and marketed? Can humanity return to pre-Covid-19 days?

But, one thing is clear: the unprecedented crisis following the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic cannot be delinked from the neoliberal phase of the capitalist-imperialist plunder of the world, with the contradiction between the capital and nature reaching its extreme levels. Following two devastating world wars and Hiroshima-Nagasaki nuclear horror, the continuing crisis and contradictions within the global imperialist system, and the increasing challenge posed by the emerging socialist camp had compelled it to transform to neo-colonial forms of plunder, with Keynesian welfare policies. But, following the new crises leading to stagflation in 1970s and the weakening of the socialist forces, the imperialist system launched the neoliberal policies of globalization-liberalization-privatization as dictated by the IMF-World Bank-WTO trio, leading to aggressive plunder of the human labour on the one hand and of the natural resources on the other, like the shell-oil production of petroleum and unprecedented destruction of environment. “The recreation of the world under its own image by the capitalist system” almost reaching its peak; the corporate greed and the neo-fascist wave around the world  has brought the most vulgar, dirty, barbarous thugs to power, with the contradiction between nature and the global capital system reaching extreme levels, to ecological catastrophe. Its consequences are already manifested in numerous forms in recent years. The outbreak of COVID pandemic should be seen in this context. As the imperialist system, the ruling system at global level, is intensifying its devastating policies with more vigour to satisfy the corporate greed for monopolization to unheard of levels, these threats in newer forms are bound to happen, with the nature making its own re-arrangements.

Now of course the immediate challenge before us is to cooperate with the government and all the forces engaged in the efforts to contain this pandemic and to reduce the sufferings of the toiling, oppressed masses who are mostly affected by it. But, we should remember that the vultures responsible for it, but silent now, shall aggressively come out with more ferocious efforts to dominate ideologically and politically, the post-Covid-19 situation! But, however hard they try, they cannot go back to pre-COVID conditions. Many of the old forces may face shattering setbacks, and new forces shall emerge, with new forms of inter-imperialist, inter- monopoly contradictions, while the contradiction between the imperialist system and world people getting further intensified. It is the task of the communist revolutionaries to make concrete analysis of the emerging situation, to make another bold effort to unite all those who want to create a new humane world of liberty, equality and real fraternity, a world without exploitation of humans by humans, an inclusive world, with gender equality. It is a great challenge! But the revolutionaries should dare to take up this challenge! We should not abandon the humanity to be led to devastation by the forces of capitalist-imperialist system.

(Editorial of April Issue of Red Star Monthly – Central Organ of CPI (ML) Red Star)




The 51st Anniversary of the formation of the CPI (ML) is observed at a critical juncture in the history of not only our country, but of humankind as a whole as a result of the outbreak of the COVID 1 pandemic. After the 50th anniversary of the Party was observed last year, in the April-May elections, Modi government returned to power with increased majority. Following it, the Modi-Shah team is on an offensive to implement the RSS agenda hastily. Article 370 of the Constitution was scrapped, reducing J&K to two union territories, and imposing brutal clamp down in the Kashmir valley, which is still continuing. It is cutting at the roots of the federal character of the Constitution, in line with the Akhand Bharat concept of RSS. Manipulating the Supreme Court through its henchmen, the land where Babri Masjid stood was handed over to the very same criminal RSS parivar who dismantled it, to build Ram temple.

As part of the communal, ethnic cleansing for arriving at the citizenship of RSS concept of Hindu Rashtra, it  got the 1955 Citizenship Act amended on 12th December, adopted CAA as part of making National Register of Citizenship (NRC) based on it by preparing a National Population Register (NPR) through enumeration from 1st April to 30th September, 2020. When massive opposition to it broke out, it resorted to its brutal suppression. Jamia and AMU students and all opposing forces were brutally attacked. When the Muslim masses came out on the streets in very large numbers along with dalits, Adivasis and other oppressed sections, joined by all democratic forces, Shaheen Bagh launched by women became a symbol of resistance, and the people’s movement against CAA, NPR, NRC went on gaining strength, the RSS parivar abused it as a movement of traitors, publically campaigning with provocative slogans like “shoot down the traitors”. It organized the genocide of Muslims in the Northeast Delhi, with RSS/BJP leaders leading it openly with immunity.  Now, as the COVID19 pandemic broke out, while no serious measures were taken for more than a month to contain it and for medical preparations to control it, all on a sudden, following Modi’s 19th March speech, Janata curfew was organized on 22nd followed by 21 days lock down or curfew all over the country, without giving opportunity for the tens of millions of migrant workers to return home, causing terrifying misery to vast masses, with no effective medical steps to contain the corona virus. Under its cover, the hundreds of Shaheen Baghs all over the country were closed by force.  People are in acute economic and mental agony, threatening large scale starvations deaths.

The advent of fascist RSS/BJP to power, its hasty moves towards transforming India in to a Hindu Rashtra, and now the global threat from the COVID19 pandemic has led to massive changes in the international and national situation.  It poses a great challenge before the Communist Revolutionaries once again, especially so, as they have the record of committing serious mistake in it following the Naxalbari Uprising which broke out and enthused the masses in the fight against the revisionist CPI-CPI(M). As the Communist Revolutionaries (CRs) failed to analyse the situation correctly and to prepare the program and path of revolution based on it, but copied the sectarian prescription of the world situation put forward by the left adventurist Lin Biaoist forces dominating the CPC then, in spite of the formation of the CPI(ML) in 1969, on the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s birth, neither the CRs could be united within it, nor could escape from the disintegration they faced as the reactionary Indian state unleashed a reign of terror against them. What does the experience of past five decades show? Even after such severe setbacks by 1971-72, and the fascist RSS led BJP government coming to power, many sections of the CRs are still reluctant to settle account with past mistakes. While a broad based anti-fascist front with a minimum program of overthrowing the Modi rule is definitely the need of the hour, what does the past international and national experience of such anti-fascist fronts teaches us? While aligning with sections of the ruling class forces/parties in the anti-fascist front, if the communist party/forces fail to pursue path of independent left assertion with a common program uniting the struggling left forces, once the fascists are defeated, the ruling class sections who had aligned with us will return to their old track, betraying the popular forces with whom they were fighting the fascists, once again creating conditions for the fascists to come back with more strength!

But, in spite of bitter experiences of the past, among the broad spectrum of left forces, there are sharp divisions not only on the strategic question of developing the ideological- political line of the communist party according to present conditions, and on party building and path of revolution, but also regarding the immediate tactical line for forming the anti-fascist front in the present situation. On the one hand, the revisionist trend led by the CPI(M) is concerned, in spite of post-2004 experiences, it still, in the main, sticks to the same position, with some of the former CR forces also with them. On the other extreme, those forces who cannot think of keeping themselves away from the CPI(Maoist), though they themselves do not pursue its practice in any form, are contended with a broad forum of mass organizations and individuals to fight the “Hindutva Fascism”, similar to old FAIG, as if they do not even consider the fight against fascism is a political task to be led by the political parties. As far as we are concerned, we are for a broad front of all political forces with minimum issue based understanding of throwing out the fascist Modi government from power, while strengthening independent left assertion by uniting the revolutionary left forces based on a common program in a coordination with the perspective of building a left political alternative at all India level. We are for developing a healthy political debate around this question with the orientation of helping the polarization of the revolutionary left sections, while always trying to be in the forefront to strengthen the anti-fascist movement against the RSS/BJP led Modi government.

We appeal to all party committees to observe the party day with the determination to lead the class struggle forward, uniting with all the oppressed classes and sections, towards people’s democracy and socialist transformation


CPI (ML) Red Star



CPI(ML) Red Star demands: Stop Camouflaging Concrete Reality through Gimmicks; What People Need is Urgent Concrete Action.

As the socio-economic crisis arising from the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the sudden declaration of lockdown is intensifying very fast.  It is also threatening the very sustenance of millions of toiling and oppressed people. Instead of properly addressing this question and announcing an adequate economic package, Prime minister Modi is once again cunningly trying to divert people's attention from the horrific situation by resorting to obscurantist practices that have no scientific basis. If banging vessels and clasping hands were his earlier proposals, today his suggestion is to switch off lights and lighting of torches for 9 minutes at 9 pm on April 5. Together with these, with the backing of corporate-saffron media, concerted efforts are in full swing to target the Muslims and communalize the whole situation by characterizing Corona as “Tabliighi virus” even as all avenues are extended to Majoritarian forces to carry forward their Hindutva programs throughout the country.  In this context, we reiterate the following demands to simultaneously confront both, the Corona and the economic pandemic:-

Firstly, rather than planning an extension of present lockdown, immediate arrangements should be made for implementing the screening, testing, isolation method as repeatedly suggested by WHO, especially taking the concrete Indian social situation in to account. Efforts should be taken on a war-footing to test as much as possible of the population free of cost by procuring and developing cheap and portable testing-kits, and involving all private hospitals together with the public sector ones in the country. For this, the centre and state govts should go for take-over of buildings, halls etc held by private and corporate sector, and providing make-shift kitchens and other facilities.

 Secondly, make all-out effort for urgent procurement of the required medical equipment for doctors and medical staff, including masks, sanitizers, together with ensuring uninterrupted supply of medicines as required at free of cost to the broad masses.  The govt. should ensure the protection of doctors and medical and paramedical staff with adequate pay, allowance and compensation. 

Thirdly, in accordance with federal principles, the Centre should take the state govts in to confidence in all initiatives connected with the ‘war against the Corona pandemic’.  Especially, in view of the diversities of the country the state govts  should have the major responsibility for screening, testing, isolation, quarantine and treatment. The provision of food and medicines to the needy at the local level can be efficiently carried out only by the states for which immediate fund devolution to state governments is an indispensable task on the part of the central regime.  At the local/grassroots level, for making food, medicines, shelter and other essential amenities to the needy and for coordinating such activities, the state govts should encourage the formation of peoples committees, involving political parties, trade unions, women’s groups, youth, mass organisations and volunteer forces along with local body representatives.

Fourthly, the 21-day lockdown imposed without any preparation and in gross disregard of the social conditions of India has pushed the migrant and daily workers, slum dwellers, casual and unorganized workers comprising around one-third of Indian population who find it difficult to meet their both ends even in a routine situation in to a horrific condition. Together with them, the already marginalized dalits, adivasis, fisher people, craftsmen, hawkers, kirana-retailers, rag-pickers, etc. are there. Adequate measures are urgently needed for ensuring the livelihood of them who are stranded at various places including towns and urban centres. Immediate steps are required to provide their wages and earnings at least for three months or until the Corona threat is over.

Fifthly, in view of the enormous expenditures especially on the part of the state govts, a sufficient economic/rescue package should be announced immediately by the Central govt. in addition to the meagre one percent of the GST (more than half of which was already incorporated into the current budget through such schemes as employment guarantee) announced by the finance minister. Together with this, the food-stocks with the centre should be urgently released for free distribution through state govts among the poor for whom the hunger virus is more deadly.  Further, hoarders, black marketers and speculators in food grains, essential goods should be strictly dealt with. All religious assemblies of more than four, of all denominations, and all other assemblies should be strictly stopped.

Sixthly, the central government should develop the facilities with the ICMR, involving all available expert scientists to develop medicine for this pandemic, instead of waiting for US or China or some others to develop it. India should urgently join with international SOLIDARITY of nations headed by WHO in the ongoing coordinated effort to develop the anti-Corona vaccine at the earliest, instead of clinging to the apron-strings of US. Scientific research on the root-cause of the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and its inseparable link with climate change is also needed.

Instead of approaching the COVID-19 pandemic from such a scientific and pro-people perspective and without even mentioning the unprecedented life-threatening situation of the deprived and marginalized, with appeals like switch off lights and light torches, Modi is once again shirking his entire responsibility as the PM. He must at least know that even according to official estimates, 18 % of the 135 crore Indian people (around 25 crore) have no electricity connection and many of those with connection have no regular power supply. By this gimmick, he is once again trying to divert people attention from the badly needed rescue package for appropriate medical intervention and for the survival of the millions of hungry people in this country. During the past six years, through tax-exemptions, direct money transfers, transfer of national assets, creation of NPAs and through a series of stimulus packages, Modi has transferred millions of crores of public money into corporate coffers. So, now in the present grave situation we should demand that a portion of this immense wealth transferred to corporates should be appropriated back to fund the urgent tasks. Instead, Modi’s intention is to put the whole burden of the pandemic on the backs of the already devastated common people. At this critical juncture, we appeal to the working class and all oppressed people, together with all those who stand with them, to come forward to expose and defeat the anti-people maneuvers of Modi regime led by corporate-saffron forces, so that together we can confront the grave challenge from both the corona virus as well as the economic virus.

KN Ramachandran,

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star


New Delhi

3rd April 2020



Ruling systems of different countries neglected early warnings; Aggravated miseries of impoverished/exploited masses.

Probably, in this month (and some of the following months) the world people will be passing through one of the most painful period of the current era. Let us all hope the humankind shall overcome this horrible situation, especially the more critical Post-Covid19 period. However, it should be noted that, the more precarious tragedy we have to face will be explicitly/ primarily due to the criminal negligence of some of the Fascist/Neo-Fascist/ imperialist states and its leadership including The White House, in US and Modi regime in India who were in the main ignoring the repeated requests and warning by the WHO since January 2020. Those humankind who survive this ordeal should try to settle this account with these rulers once we contain this situation!.

Like Trump in US, Modi in India did not take any action for preventing the Covid19 spreading to India after WHO, quoting Chinese authorities that what is spreading in Wuhan from November end is a novel corona virus, called on all governments to take necessary steps to contain it in the first week of January itself. Again, when a student from Kerala returning from Wuhan proved positive, the first Covid19 case in India, no action was taken for screening, testing and isolating if necessary, the international passengers at the airports. Only on 6th March it was started. By that time airports statistics show that 25 lakh passengers had entered India without checking!

Lot of reports have come out how Modi govt was busy in organizing Namaste Trump till 25th February, then to cover up the RSS led pogrom in Northeast Delhi and afterthat in toppling the Congres govt in MP. Even the full fledged meeting was organized only on 12th March, when WHO had announced Covid19 as a pandemic!

So, Modi govt is entirely responsible for so many Covid affected passengers from abroad entering the country and spreading infection. It had to resort to the imposing of 21 days lock down and close down of all train and bus services abruptly because of its irresponsible handling of this pandemic, causing colossal miseries to the masses of this country. Again by trying to communalize the anti-corona efforts going on in which all sections of people and political forces are participating using the Nizamuddin incident, it has weakened the campaign against involving all people. What is required urgently is release of sufficient funds to state governments and all agencies involved in the difficult task og containing Cpvid19, arranging necessary medical requirements and providing shelter, food and medi-care to the millions of workers and poor people all over the country. We demand to Modi government to take active, inclusive approach to ths pandemic keeping away its fascist, divisive policies.

The CPI(ML) Red Star evaluates that the situation is very bad. During the total lockdown not enough provision has been made for workers and other poor with no means of food or shelter. Thousands of migrant workers are collected at state borders and bus stations not knowing how to reach their homes. Our party is actively protesting against the treatment to migrants. Wherever possible we are providing help ourselves by organizing collections. We are actively demanding full wages to all workers including contract and casual workers and a monthly subsistence allowance of Rs. 8000 for all unemployed during the Lockdown. The government has declared Rs. 5 million insurance for doctors and nurses during the lockdown. We are demanding the same for all workers producing essential goods and services during the lockdown like sweepers, cleaners, midday meal (for children) workers etc. We are demanding safe passage for workers who want to go home with quarantine in their hometowns.

Our party does not think that it is a lab prepared virus. At the same time we suspect that climate change has caused animals to change their habitats and new pathogens have found their way to humans. Hence climate change may be directly responsible for this pandemic. The scientific research should be continued. We demand that, instead of propagating obscurantist things like drinking Gomuthra as a remeady foe Covid19, the government should appoint a team of scientists to carry forward the research to develop an effective medicine for it including preventive medicines.


CPI(ML) Red Star once again calls upon all party committees to continue their active participation in the efforts to save the people from the Covid pandemic uniting with all forces involved in this task and relief work for the affected people..




CPI (ML) Red Star Demands:

PM Modi Withdraw his Call for 9 pm, 9 minutes’ Lights Off, Burning Candles;

Take Urgent, Concrete, Scientific Action for Relief and to Contain Covid19 Pandemic!

The whole country and people are in a critical juncture. In spite of all difficulties and lockdown, people are unitedly fighting the Covid19 pandemic. At this time, the PM Modi’s call for observing lights off and lighting candles or torches for 9 minutes at 9pm today , is against the secular fabric and scientific temper of the Constitution. It is a divisive action, strengthening the obscurantist positions, spreading hate pandemic in the country. So, we demand to PM Modi to withdraw his call for today evening.

We also demand immediate relief measures to help the suffering masses. Transfer sufficient food grains from the 7.6 crore metric tone stock in FCI godowns to all states for free and adequate ration to all people. Pay salary to casual/contract workers and allowances to all jobless and disabled, as demanded by trade unions and other forces. Improve food, rations and medi-care for the millions in the shelters, slums and villages. Take urgent scientific actions, as demanded by the doctors, experts, WHO and all involved in fighting the Covid19 to contain and stop the pandemic. Extend all economic support to the state governments to carry forward the relief and medical work.

CPI(ML) Red Star calls upon all party committees to discuss with all secular democratic forces and to take this message to the people. Take appropriate action involving all comrades and friends to expose and defeat Modi’s call for today evening according to concrete conditions.

KN Ramachandran

General Secretary

CPI(ML) Red Star


New Delhi

5th April 2020


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