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Report on Nissan Struggle in Barcelona

O.C. Revolución <, Organización Comunista Revolución, Sun, 17 May 2020


We are very happy to hear you are interested in the Nissan struggle. We already sent your solidarity letter to our contacts in worforce. We send you a brief report about this.

As OCR we agree with the program of the IAWC. We translated it to Spanish a while back and we were very interested in reading all the proposals. In this case, Nissan in Barcelona is a "minor" plant, the workers do not see it feasible to win the battle for the reduction of hours.

In addition, the particular reason the workers are struggling is that while an important part of the workforce is temporarily fired (due to the coronavirus crisis), the rest of the workers have been called by the company to start the activity with the  purpose of carrying out an order for Mercedes Benz. The company is in a hurry to take production forward before June, because a European regulation will come into force that will prevent the production of this model.

Our comrades who are in contact with the union representative we are close to, he is close to Marxism. In his factory they are analyzing the problem very well but obstacles are being found by other Nissan factories in Spain,  in this case the risk is that the production of Nissan Barcelona, which is secondary models, would be dismantled in favor of the most advanced and successful Japanese production, and in particular they have attempted international coordination.

We have published an issue of "El Altavoz" about Nissan in the past (it is attached). It is a newspaper that we use as a tool to get closer to industrial workers, it is not our main organ of expression, it is only a way of raising conciousness gradually in the workers that has been succesful in bringing them closer to us. We have published and given out a pamphlet and a poster.

In our social media we have created a solidarity Facebook frame as well as two videos, one made by the workers and a different one is the pamphlet in audio form and encouraging to help financially, this will be published monday.

Collaboration and possible help (we are already working on that with MLPD comrades):

1- As a most important point, the monetary issue. We will have an account number for the resistance fund (it is not ready yet due to some bureaucratic problem), for which we request maximum dissemination and contributions if possible.

2- Of course, that all Nissan staff that you can influence to adopt a position of international struggle, can listen to colleagues from Barcelona to open up channels of cooperation. For example, we think it would be very good to have videos made by automotive workers in other
countries to encourage Nissan workers in their fight, with the official slogan of the campaign (#FuturoParaNissanYa!, or Future for Nissan Now!). For example, if you have presence in Japan, maximum solidarity from Japan, which would be where the production that leaves from Barcelona would go, would be vital. This is good both to put pressure on Nissan at its headquarters.
Any help will be very appreciated.

With International solidarity in mind,

Organización Comunista Revolución

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