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Warm Message of Congratulations to the ICOR

Anti-Imperialist Anti-US People's Front(AIPF), October 22th, 2020


We are sending our warm message of congratulations to the ICOR on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its foundation.

We struggled together with the ICOR in St. Petersburg on the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution in November 2017. The ICOR is playing a key role in the front line of anti-imperialist and anti-fascist struggles.

The imperialist powers consider the countries as the enemies who are conducting the anti-imperialist and anti-US struggles under the banner of the anti-imperialist and independence and they manoeuvre all crushing plans including invasion, blockade and isolation. On any continent, in the Middle East, Far East and Latin America, behind all the aggression, oppression and exploitation, there are always the imperialist powers, especially US imperialism.

It is righteous and inevitable that all forces aiming at independence, peace, liberation form an international anti-imperialist and anti-US front and conduct the anti-imperialist and anti-US joint action. The people who are united worldwide beyond one country will never be defeated.

In order to advance the world of independence, peace and liberation, we will strengthen at the practical level with the ICOR by holding high the banner of the anti-imperialism and independence. The struggles of workers and people all over the world will certainly win.


Anti-Imperialist Anti-US People's Front(AIPF)

October 22th, 2020

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