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Hunger humiliates people worldwide as a result of imperialism

Resolution of the 4th ICOR World Conference (initiated by UPC-Manidem, Cameroon), October 2021


The current situation in the world is characterized by a situation in which workers, peasants, small traders, small transport companies, artisans and the vast majority of young people live in a misery that only worsens from year to year. The inflation of prices for goods and services of daily use, the general increase in taxes and duties, the drastic decrease in the selling prices of agricultural products for farmers, the long-term unemployment that is rampant especially among the young segment of the population, the difficult access to health care, and the extremely high cost of schooling refute the claims of the capitalist powers about social benefits. To these evils are added the high cost of living, which demands the last of the people and leads them to take to the streets to overthrow the comprador bourgeoisie.

In the face of this social reality, the issue of food remains the culminating point as it continues to intensify, plunging millions of people on every continent into outrageous humiliation.

Under these circumstances, it is imperative that we find ways to accelerate the struggle against imperialism and fascism, which are destroying the ecosystem and driving up prices worldwide.

ICOR as a revolutionary world organization encourages and supports all struggling peoples all over the world. Because: "The desire and search for a society liberated from exploitation and oppression has to become a force for changing society which overcomes the basic evil of the imperialist world system." (Founding resolution of ICOR)

Imperialism is less and less able to provide optimal nutrition for people. Together we will find a solution to the question of world food in order to overthrow capitalism.

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