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Mass struggles in Latin America challenge ICOR America to closer cooperation

Resolution of the 4th ICOR World Conference (initiated by ICOR America), October 2021


The economic crisis of the capitalist imperialist system, which was increased and accelerated by the pandemic, is taking place in the framework of the sharp inter-imperialist conflict among the main powers, the US – the main enemy of the peoples of Latin America -, China, Russia and further European powers.

There are right-wing fascist governments as in Colombia and Brazil, far-right governments as in Chile, Paraguay and Ecuador, or right-wing and far-right ones with fascist components as in Uruguay, or the instability in Haiti, which was increased by the assassination of the president. These are governments with clear and extreme neoliberal economic policies in the service of big capital (oligarchy, finance capital and imperialism) and the pro-imperialist bourgeoisie in our countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. They have driven the exploitation and oppression of the working class and the broad masses of the people to the extreme. This has led to large mobilizations and uprisings in Chile, Columbia, Brazil, Uruguay, Haiti and Paraguay, only to mention a few. Under these circumstances, we have promoted these struggles and actively participated in them at places where we do our work and where these struggles are developing. The ICOR America commits itself to collaborate more closely in the coordination in order to strengthen the connections with the member organizations and to build up connections with other organizations, as well as to promote the worldwide anti-imperialist and antifascist united front.

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