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Active with ICOR: Palestine Solidarity in Paris

UPML France, April 2022



Correspondence : On the occasion of the International Day of Political Prisoners, the Solidarity Committee invited Georges Ibrahim Abdallah in Paris to a film event with discussion. The struggle of this communist freedom fighter for Palestine from Lebanon and world's longest incarcerated, political prisoner in France, mobilized friends and comrades of many nationalities. Georges Ibrahim could have been legally released long ago, but the Macron government demands that he renounces his struggle, which he proudly rejects. The struggles from many countries around the world came up.



For us an opportunity to introduce the idea of the ICOR and the International United Front against Fascism and War with a book table: "Let's go together practically where we are united!" The topic was interesting, but in order to really establish a practical cooperation, concrete proposals, campaigns, petitions etc. are needed. The united front is so necessary and must move forward!

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