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Contribution of RMP Russia Chelyabins

Contribution of RMP Russia Chelyabinsk for the Webinar of the antiimperialist and antifascist United Front on 24 July 2022:


We, the members of the Russian Maoist Party, welcome the call of the ICOR to destroy nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. Since its creation and demonstrative release on Japanese cities, the nuclear weapon served imperialists truly by frightening the peoples of the world. Initially the Stalin’s socialist USSR viewed the creation of nuclear shield as protection of dictatorship of the proletariat from imperialists’ nuclear bombs, but after the Stalin’s death the regime degraded and started to use the existing armory as an aggressive argument in the way the USA and NATO countries did. The USA and the social-imperialist Soviet Union multiple times threatened other countries with nuclear bombs as well as regularly endangered the world by pushing it to the verge of nuclear war and extermination of millions of people. Today the Russian Federation and NATO discuss the possibility of nuclear attacks. The Russian propaganda actively exploits the thesis that Russia is capable of destroying any country with nuclear weapon and is always ready to start the nuclear war.

Expanding repressions in our country do not allow us to say exactly in what ways Russians will mount protests along with the whole world on 6th August but our party will put all efforts to organize some actions and spread the information on the ICOR-call as wide as possible.

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