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Contribution on United Front Webinar by Nosrat KP Iran


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First, thank you for giving me the opportunity to report on the situation in Iran.
We are now in the fourth week of the revolt in Iran.
Yesterday, October 8, over 40 universities went on strike and at the same time they were the scene of the most violent clashes between students and security forces.
After calls by the various teachers' associations to strike on October 4 and 10, almost all schools were closed and female students demonstrated without headscarves in many cities with slogans such as "Jin, Jiyan, Aazadi!" and "Down with the dictatorship!".
In many cities, young women and men have built barricades and especially in the province of Kurdistan, the streets were controlled for several hours by angry people, forcing the security forces to flee.
Since early this morning (9.10.2022), violent clashes with security forces have taken place in many cities and on university campuses and even schools.
Exactly a week ago, the following slogan was shouted on the streets of Tehran: "Say no more uprising - Now it's called revolution!"
I would also like to speak of revolution. A revolution in which millions of women are on the streets with their anger, self-confidence and power, which is unique not only in Iranian history, but worldwide.
Especially against a regime that from the beginning, has relied on the oppression of women as an elemental consolidation of power in the Islamic Republic.
In the 43 years of Islamist counterrevolution, such a nationwide protest movement has not been seen until now. At the end of 2017, protests had died down after ten days in the absence of the working class. And in 2019 after a week due to the bloody crackdown in which over 1500 protesters were killed.
In the current revolt, we are in the fourth week. Women, workers (not yet as a class), teachers, pensioners, slum dwellers, students , schoolgirls , artists and writers, famous athletes are part of this revolution.
Whether in the streets, universities or schools, one hears "Down with the dictator!", "Jin, Jiyan, Aazadi! - Woman, life, freedom!", "Bread, work, freedom, council movement!" and "Down with the oppressors, whether king or leader!"
It is not only independent workers' organizations that are supporting the revolt with their calls, but oil workers, Haft-Teppeh cane sugar factory workers and truck drivers are threatening to go on strike.
Neighborhood committees have been formed in various cities, especially in Kurdistan and Tehran, to defend the protests. We observe that several such committees are organized every day.
The regime has responded with maximum brutality from the beginning. So far, at least over 150 protesters have been killed, several hundred injured, and thousands arrested. In the city of Zahedan in Baluchistan province alone, 80 people have been killed.
Despite all this brutality, the insurgency continues to move forward with great strides. Many government buildings have been set on fire, as well as cars belonging to revolutionary guards.
However, there is still a lack of nationwide strikes by workers in factories capable of not only changing the entire balance of power in favor of the protesters in the streets, but as a class taking the lead in the revolution.
Finally, I would like to say one thing: If we manage to overthrow the regime with a revolution and do not allow the imperialists to install their so-called "colorful revolution", then we will be able to change the whole geopolitical situation in the Middle East in favor of the revolution, in favor of the working class and especially in favor of women, and destroy political Islam.
Thank you for your attention.

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