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Let's prevent the Third World War, let's strengthen the forces for socialism!

MMLPL Moroccan Marxist-Leninist Proletarian Line, May 2022


1 - Since February 2022, massacres of thousands of civilians and soldiers and warlike chaos have continued in Ukraine, followed by economic attacks, and the explosion of social misery, climatic disasters..., phenomena testifying to the degree rotting world capitalism.

2 - The rain of bombs falling on Ukraine conceals the fact that this conflict, like all the others, is first and foremost the manifestation of a decadent and militarized bourgeois society which no longer has anything to offer humanity if not its own destruction!

3 - For Putin and his clique, it was necessary to defend the interests of Russian capital and its place in the world.

4 - For Zelensky and his entourage of corrupt politicians and oligarchs, proceeds to arm, sometimes by force, the population, and recruiting a whole pack of mercenaries and maniacs of the trigger.

5 - All the Western imperialist powers pretend to be indignant at the war crimes perpetrated by the Russian army, betraying their hypocrisy! Forgetting that throughout history, they have continued to pile up corpses and ruins in the four corners of the world.

6 - As for the American bourgeoisie, it has done everything possible to push Moscow into a losing war. To achieve its ends, it encourages a totally irrational and barbaric military adventure, increasing global destabilization and chaos near Western Europe.

7 - The historical decadence of senile capitalism which has lasted for decades, of indebtedness, market saturation, state terrorism, commercial fallowing, ... suffering from a lasting systemic crisis of the fall in the rate of profit and overproduction, thus expressing the self-invalidation of the law of value itself, constitutes the real motivation for unleashing a new world imperialist war in the heart of Europe.

8 - Against this war and crisis of capitalism, only the universal proletariat can propose a real alternative, that of the socialist human community, without class, without exploitation, without dictatorship of exchange value, without economic war, without democratic lies and without military war.

9 - The proletarians can and must oppose all the sacrifices demanded by the bourgeoisie. It is through its struggles that the proletariat will be able to create a balance of power with the ruling class to stop any imperialist war, by committing itself to the path of the overthrow of capitalism.

10 - Saluting here, the revolutionary slogan of ICOR, calling on the internationalist working class to Prevent a third world war, and strengthen the forces for socialism!


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