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Statement of the Revolutionary Communist Movement in Northern and Eastern Syria

Communist Movement in Northern and Eastern Syria


We call on all peoples to the streets against the occupation!

The resistance against occupation and fascism will win!

Since yesterday evening the fascist Turkish occupation state has been bombing Kobanê, Zirgan, Dêrîk, Tell Tamer, Shehba in Rojava and the Medya Defence Zones. With these simultaneous attacks, the Turkish state, which wants to break the will and existence of the Kurdish people by crushing the Rojava revolution, is also targeting the will of Arab, Assyrian, Armenian and all peoples in the region.

The Turkish occupation state, which has suffered great defeats in the face of the resistance of the guerrillas in the free mountains despite chemical weapons and the latest technology, announces great victories in all its media. The fascist Turkish occupation state, which could not do anything against this defeat, is now trying to achieve successes with simultaneous air attacks. For a long time, it has been preparing to attack Rojava and vowed revenge, which is why it organised the Taksim explosion with its own secret service to legitimise its attacks. It didn't work, nobody was convinced, the state's plans didn't work. But it swore revenge anyway.

These occupation attacks by the Turkish state, which has been planning to invade the Kobanê-Minbic line for a long time, are of course not independent of the policy and approval of the USA and Russia. The same imperialist powers have participated in these attacks against the population by opening the airspace. These attacks aim to destroy the achievements of the Kurdish people and the people in the region. In order to destroy the anti-colonial, democratic and popular side of the Rojava revolution, the imperialist powers, especially the USA and Russia, are swinging the Turkish occupation state over the heads of the peoples in the region like a sword of Damocles. In the face of eleven years of civil war in Syria, those responsible for the invasion attacks against our revolution and for turning the region into a bloodbath are the same forces today as before. What they did not achieve through brutal gangs they organised and nurtured, such as the Al-Nusra Front and ISIS, they are now trying to achieve with the help of the Turkish state.


Kobanê is the target of the attacks today. Our people cannot remain silent in the face of these attacks on houses, hospitals and civilian settlements and living spaces. Dozens of fighters, civilians, journalists, etc. have died in the attacks. Before 25 November, women in particular, who are experiencing all dimensions of violence with the occupation attacks, must turn the streets into places of resistance and protect their achievments. Young people, whose future is to be robbed by the attacks of the occupying forces, must light the fire of resistance against the occupying forces, street by street, position by position, front by front. All the peoples of the region, the peoples of four parts of Kurdistan, everyone who calls himself a human, must light the streets with the fire of resistance. In the face of these attacks of the fascist Turkish occupying state, especially women, youth and all our people must mobilise to defend the revolution and the cities.

Of course, these attacks will not remain unresponded. Today, we will continue to defend our revolution and our country with the spirit of resistance of Kobanê, Afrîn and Serêkaniyê. As the Communist Revolutionary Movement, we will oppose fascism and occupation to the last drop of blood by defending our revolution and achievements in all areas. They want to occupy all our countries by breaking our will through occupation attacks and special and psychological war methods.

These attacks are not independent of the 2023 target of AKP-MHP palace fascism and Erdoğan's dictatorship. Palace fascism, which is experiencing great crises of collapse at home and abroad, is carrying out these attacks to strengthen its rule in the region. We know that this is a war against our existence. Today, the defence and the achievements of the Rojava revolution are the guarantee for the revolutions in the region. For this reason, all the peoples of the region, revolutionaries, democrats, women, workers and labourers and young people should take to the streets with the spirit of resistance and solidarity of Kobanê in 2014, with the spirit of Serhildan on 7-8 October. All our peoples and the oppressed must unite around Kobanê again. To defend our past, our future, our existence, our identity and our dignity, the resistance against occupation and fascism is our vow of revenge until the last drop of our blood. This resistance is the resistance of dignity, this resistance is the resistance of victory, and victory is so close that it can be achieved through resistance....

Down with occupation and colonialism!

Long live the Rojava revolution!

Long live the women's revolution!

Revolutionary Communist Movement (TKŞ)

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