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The Peoples of Rojava in Solidarity with the Palestinian People

MLKP Kurdistan, April 2022


Following an initiative of ICOR, members of the Communist Revolutionary Movement (TKŞ) in northern and eastern Syria, declared their solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle and condemned the aggression of the Zionist state Israel, which has increased again recently.

Rallies were organized in the cities of Hesekê, Qamishlo and Dirbêsiyê.

In Hesekê, TKŞ members gathered in front of the Leadership Garden, where Helimê Xidir gave a speech about the Palestinian people's resistance to Israel's attacks. The speech reported about the massacres and attacks in Palestine, which is under the occupation of Israel with the support of the imperialist states.

Helimê Xidir also remembered the prisoners of the freedom struggle in Israeli jails, whose release she demanded. She called on the revolutionary, socialist and democratic people of the world to be in solidarity with the Palestinian people and saluted the struggle of all oppressed peoples for national freedom and equality.

In Qamishlo, TKŞ members held placards reading "Long live the resistance of the Palestinian people" and "The Palestinian prisoners are not alone".

Abdulhalim Osman condemned the imperialist states that remain silent in the face of the attacks against the Palestinian people because of their regional interests. He said that the Palestinian people, like the Kurdish people, are fighting for freedom. At the same time, he recalled the Turkish state's occupation attacks on Rojava and condemned the wall that is currently being built between Rojava and Sinjar. The walls around Rojava and the walls around Gaza are the same injustice.

In Dirbêsiyê, the members of TKŞ gathered in front of their office and declared their solidarity with the revolutionary people's war.

The representative of TKŞ in Dirbêsiyê, Xalid Porêm declared that TKŞ is at the side of the 72-year struggle of the Palestinian people and said that today the Turkish state is using in Kurdistan and North-East Syria, the same methods of occupation, destruction and demographic change that Israel is using in Palestine. The solidarity of the oppressed peoples is the strongest weapon in the struggle for freedom and socialism.

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