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The united power of the peoples of the world will defeat colonialism! The people in Northern and Eastern Syria are not alone!

Statement of MLKP International Bureau, 22 November 2022


Once again the fascist Turkish state carried out large-scale airstrikes on Rojava and South Kurdistan. The fascist regime-in-chief, which has not been able to make any progress in the military operation against the Kurdish freedom movement in South Kurdistan despite the usage of chemical weapons and state-of-the-art technology, is seeking a way out of the political quagmire and regime crisis in which it finds itself. The Turkish colonial state knows that the freedom of the Kurdish people is his existential question and has been preparing the third occupation attack on Rojava for months and negotiated with the imperialists for this purpose. The regime under the fascist head of state Erdogan, is gradually losing its own legitimacy and is under pressure from the upcoming parliamentary elections. The bombing in Taksim was an intelligence-organised plan of the counter-guerrilla state to justify the new invasion on Rojava and to win the approval of the Turkish people poisoned by racism and chauvinism. With the explosion in Istiklal Street, the regime is also trying to claim the occupation operations as "self-defence" according to the UN Charter.

The USA and Russia are trying to put pressure on the revolutionary administration of Rojava according to their imperialist interests and gave their approval to this bombardment as before.

The extension of the air attacks of the Turkish colonial army into a ground offensive will depend on the strength of the united resistance of our peoples against the occupation and the international solidarity. In this sense, the reaction of the self-defence forces of Rojava to the attacks of the Turkish army to protect the autonomous administrative region is legitimate and required. While the fascist Turkish state is bombing civilian areas in order to force the people of the region to flee again, the will and the degree of organisation of our peoples are the greatest defence force against the occupation.

Therefore, we call on all the peoples of the region and the world to become active, to take to the streets and to mobilise against the attacks of the fascist Turkish state.

With the united power of the peoples, we will defeat colonialism and fascism and bury them in history forever.

20 November 2022

MLKP International Bureau


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