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Invitation to the Zoom Meeting ICOR Women

ICOR – Main Coordinator, 02 February 2023


Dear ICOR organizations,

after the successful 1st ICOR Women's Conference on August 26, 2022, we would like to address the perspectives of the conference and hold a joint online discussion with the ICOR organizations on the women's political work of the ICOR.

In preparation for March 8, we would like to strengthen the international women's coordination and invite all women's representatives of the ICOR organizations to a meeting.

Therefore I cordially invite you to participate in a web meeting of the ICOR women. It will take place on 12.2. from 12:30 to 13:30, immediately before the next webinar of the United Front for March 8.

The link for the Zoom Meeting of ICOR Women on February 12 is the same as for the subsequent webinar of the United Front:


Link for ICOR Women's Zoom Meeting on February 12, 2023


Best regards

Monika Gaertner-Engel


The time is:

- Mexico City: 5.30 am

- Bogotá: 6.30 am

- Berlin, Paris, Tunis: 12.30 pm

- Cape Town: 1.30 pm

- Moscow: 2.30 pm

- Delhi: 3 pm

- Dhaka: 5.30 pm

- Beijing: 7.30 pm

- Sydney: 10.30 pm


As agenda we propose: Preparations for March 8, short exchange about the situation in the countries.

We are looking forward to your contributions, also in written form, if you are not able to participate.

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