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PPDS Parti Patriotique Démocratique Socialiste (Patriotic Democratic Socialist Party), Tunisia February 21, 2023

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Recently, a number of arrests have followed one another concerning some personalities of the mafia of capital, business, politics, the judiciary, the media and others. And even if these measures are late compared to the demands of the popular masses since the uprising of December 17 - January 14, then the year 2013 following the assassination of the two martyred comrades, Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi, then when they rose on July 25, 2021 and brandished the slogans of the fight against corruption and those responsible for the criminals against the homeland and the people :

1) We consider it a bold and important step on the path of purification of the country that must be supported by our people towards the realization of true justice for which the oppressed and working people have paid dearly and preciously during the decades of arrogance and oppression by an economically and politically influential minority. So how could it not be considered a milestone when it was the arrest of Bashir al-Akrami, the judge involved in obstructing the case of the killers of martyrs Belaïd, Brahmi, security personnel and military while concealing and manipulating the evidence. Tayeb Rachid also, the judge of the mafia, and Noureddine El-Bhiri, the Minister of Justice of the Ennahdha party and controller of the judiciary, in addition he is involved in dozens of terrorist cases alongside several security agents linked to the criminal party of the Muslim Brotherhood responsible for the Black Chamber case and others, and before them Ali Al-Areed, Minister of Interior in the days of the Islamist party in the days of assassination, terrorism and deportation and who was responsible for criminal acts in Siliana, and supervisor of the security apparatus at that time. Also arrested was the so-called mystery man, Kamel Eltaief, one of the symbols of corruption and collusion for 3 decades and the representative of the parasitic mafia bourgeoisie. He is the architect of the plots against the people, and one of the most important contributors to the disruption of the revolutionary path. In addition, other faces of terrorism and corruption are under arrest and investigation, and others are in prison.

2) We renew our support and assistance to the Committee for the Defense of the Two Martyrs, which, thanks to its considerable efforts and perseverance over the years, and its great professionalism, has contributed - and continues to do so - in the revelation of the facts of the assassinations and has revealed those involved in the assassinations and those who covered them up.

3) We affirm that the Tunisian General Labor Union is an independent and militant national organization that cannot be targeted by the restriction of the freedom of trade union work and the right to organize in all its elements, which is why we consider that the expulsion of the General Secretary of the Union of European Trade Unions is a serious mistake, because it should have been received and listened to and not considered as persona non grata "person who is not welcome. On the other hand, we call for an end to the prosecution of trade unionists and workers' representatives. We also consider that the freedom of media, opinion and expression is a matter of principle and cannot be compromised, as there is no way to withdraw from the advantages gained by the struggles of the popular masses and their living and progressive forces. In this regard, we condemn the hunting down and prosecution of many progressive political activists because of their public statements, such as Comrade Secretary General of the Socialist Party Al-Moncef Al-Shariqi, or because of organizing a march in defense of freedom of expression and the press, as is the case with Comrade Wael Nawar and a number of activists, and likewise we call for a halt to the prosecution of them.

4) We consider that the fight against corruption and the cleansing of the country, as important as they are, should not blind us to the priority of the social and economic problems of our people, who are suffering enormously from high prices, loss of basic necessities, limited wages, widespread unemployment and poverty. Saeed and the Boden government are failing miserably to keep their promises and improve conditions, which imposes the need to continue the struggle for a genuine national and popular alternative that will completely eradicate the causes of misery and social injustice.

5) We reaffirm our rejection of any form of foreign interference in our internal affairs, and we condemn the recent American position, which attempts to disrupt the campaign of purification and anti-corruption, answering the call of agents traitors to the homeland.

The political bureau

Secretary General

Nouri Be-Toumi

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