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The united international proletarian front against the global imperialist onslaught

By Abdesselam Adib


1- The structural crisis of global imperialism is exacerbating with the continuing deterioration of the profit rate since 2018. To address this crisis, imperialism and the ruling classes are trying to shift the burden of their crisis onto the shoulders of the working class and oppressed peoples across the world. In order to avoid the reaction of the masses of workers, fascism and police repression are increasing, accompanied by the excessive exploitation of the working class and the plundering of natural resources by corporations, which leads to the exacerbation of poverty, unemployment, inequality and the deepening of the environmental crisis. This crisis has also deepened the contradiction between the imperialists to the point where it threatens a third world war.

2- Today, the war between Russian imperialism and Ukraine as a proxy for NATO under the leadership of US imperialism is one of the outcomes of this crisis. The war constituted an occasion for the accumulation of profits by global arms companies, and the anti-foreign ideologies and religious, ethnic and obscurantist fundamentalisms were unleashed to facilitate the transfer of the burden of the accumulation crisis on the shoulders of the toiling masses and the oppressed peoples across the world, especially through the speculative increase in prices for fuel, food and basic daily living items.

3- The contradictions between US imperialism and its allies on the one hand, and Russian and Chinese imperialism on the other hand, have also exacerbated. In addition to the war in Ukraine, geopolitical tensions in the Asia-Pacific region are exacerbated in an open confrontation with China, which has been besieging Taiwan while making the United States of America a shield to besiege it. However, the Russian and Chinese imperialists continue to spread their economic and military influence in Africa and Latin America, shrinking the monopoly areas of US imperialism and its allies.

4 - In the face of this proxy war and the accompanying cold war, a number of peoples, especially in Latin America, began to witness a new emergence of leftist and progressive forces as a result of strong mass destruction in the face of neoliberal policies and the succession of imperialist policies to convey the crisis on their shoulders, and the resulting corruption, extreme poverty and unemployment. and environmental destruction to unprecedented levels.

5 - In addition to these fascist imperial developments and the timid attempts of the leftist forces to confront them, the escalation of religious fascism in the Middle East region, which is perpetuated by the racist Zionist policies in Palestine, the Iranian and Afghan fascist policies in the face of its peaceful peoples, and then the fascist and racist Turkish policies against the Kurdish people in the Rojava region in Syria and the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

6- The European peoples did not escape the strong return of the right-wing fascist currents, as appeared recently in Italy and France in particular. In the Asian region, I refuse to refer to the fascist policies of the Indian regime and the strong popular reactions to the deceitful policies and the disastrous economic collapse.

7 - The consequences of the exacerbation of the structural crisis of imperialism and fascism as a result of the deterioration of the rate of profit and the increasing attack on the daily sustenance and decent living of billions of toilers around the world, requires us as Marxist-Leninists within the ICOR organization to rely on this worsening international situation to achieve a qualitative revolutionary transformation in order to achieve political change And social by leading a global anti-imperialist and anti-fascist movement that effectively challenges the aggression of imperialist corporations and fascist governments and achieves a qualitative social-democratic leap.

8- For this purpose, ICOR has been working since 1919 to try to build a united workers front against imperialist plunder, fascist governments' terror, and aggressive military intervention across borders in many parts of the world. With the dedication of solidarity across the world with the national liberation movements, as is the case with the Palestinian and Kurdistan peoples, for the sake of national liberation, democracy and socialism.

9- The struggle between imperialists is limited only by their cooperation in order to exploit and oppress the proletariat, to destroy the unity of man and nature, and to exercise absolute terror in the face of the class struggle for liberation of the exploited and oppressed masses, especially among them the revolutionary working class and revolutionary parties throughout the world.

10 - In this context, ICOR has engaged in the process of building strength against the global imperialist system in an organized manner and through a continuous unification process, within the framework of a unified anti-imperialist front and against imperialist plunder, neoliberal attack, state terrorism, racism, fascism, military interventions, aggressive wars, and for the sake of national, social and democratic liberation and freedom. and socialism. The time has come for the oppressed proletariat and the peoples of the world, together with their national movements, to join this unified and future-oriented planetary movement.

11 - Clarifying the imperialist character and discussing the ongoing transformations in the global imperialist system, the process, decisions and insightful conclusions for the strategy and tactics of the global democratic forces are the basic tasks of the anti-imperialist united front.

12 - Everywhere in the world, from Ukraine, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Venezuela, East Asia and other regions, we see the battles of imperialism for world domination taking place on the shoulders of peoples. The general tendency of imperialism to prepare for war accelerates the dangers of war. This danger is manifested in the rise of fascist movements, in trade wars, massive armaments, in large-scale military maneuvers, through targeted provocations, threats of attack, and regional conflicts until direct confrontation between the imperialist powers, and finally until the danger of a third world war.

13 - Imperialism is a title for absolute reaction. The anti-imperialist united front puts on its agenda the struggle for preservation and expansion of democratic rights and freedoms. The front targets the forces that try to distort the concept of socialism as an alternative to imperialism in the eyes of the masses.

14- Under the domination of neoliberalism and state terrorism, the working women and men of the world suffer from conditions of increasing exploitation and oppression. Under imperialism, the revolutionary productive forces, despite all the various forms of social and technical progress, are finally turning towards their opposite. There are daily strikes on all continents, which are linked to the popular struggles of the broad masses. But these struggles are for the most part isolated, conducted within a national framework and without sufficient sharing of information and always mutual support between revolutionaries and workers all over the world. Remaining united and mobilized, the global working class, with the modern industrial proletariat at its heart, can confront the world imperialist system and transform itself into a higher power. The international world class must become the backbone of the anti-imperialist united front.

15 - The world proletariat is seeking and needs to ally itself with all the oppressed peoples of the world, the poor peasants, indigenous peoples, women, youth, refugees, workers, immigrants, minorities, and everyone who struggles for democracy and freedom. The liberation struggles in many African countries, Latin America and Asia, the liberation struggles of the peoples of the Philippines, Kurdistan, Palestine and other regions have one imperialist enemy: it is global financial capital. It exerts its revolutionary influence and its radiation directed towards the future. Its experiences should be made available to all the exploiters and oppressors of the world.

16 - Let us fight, then, imperialism, and let us bring down imperialism, state terrorism, state terrorism, state fascism, military interventions and wars of aggression.

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