Down with the reactionary war in Sudan! Down with the reactionary militias! Victory for the Sudanese workers and masses!

Since April 15, Sudan has been experiencing an escalation of violence in the capital Khartoum, where the Sudanese Armed Forces led by General Alburhan and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces led by General Hamidati are engaged in a fierce exchange of fire after days of tension between the two forces. So far, more than 400 civilians have been killed, some 3,500 people injured and thousands displaced in this armed conflict.

What is happening on the green line?

The occupation of the fascist Turkish army continues in Cyprus. It has been 49 years since the occupation movement called "Peace Operation". The Turkish, Greek, Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot ruling classes have used and are using the 49-year occupation to further antagonize the peoples. Now Cyprus is back on the agenda. The road construction tension between the Turkish occupation forces and the UN "Peace Keeping Force", which is itself an instrument of the occupiers, is suddenly on the agenda.

On the Wave of Military Coups in Africa

An ICOR-Africa conference was held in Germany on September 1-2, 2023. At this meeting, the continental coordinating body discussed not only the stranglehold on Africa's natural resources by trusts linked to the various imperialist poles, but also the wave of coups d'état and the risks of war in the Sahelian zone, notably Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea Conakry, Niger and recently Gabon.

Why is such an inter-imperialist Rivalry concentrated in a single Country like Sudan?

"If the capitalists divide the world among themselves, it is not because of their particular villainy, but because the degree of concentration already attained compels them to follow this path in order to make profits."

The Imperialist World System is in a Deep Crisis of Division

The realisation of the Congress of the United Front Against Imperialist War will be an important step for the international working class and the peoples of the world. I thank Comrade Monika Gärtner-Engel, Co-President of the United Front, for her pioneering efforts in this matter. And I greet all the delegates.

The Russian Federation is Going Through a Severe Political Crisis

The Russian Federation is going through a severe political crisis. After the almost complete defeat of all opposition forces at the beginning of 2022, the ruling group of the imperialist bourgeoisie achieved a complete monopoly on power and complete domination in all spheres of society.

Youth Revolt in France

Hello comrades, I'd like to talk to you about the youth revolt in France: With regard to this revolt, the mass media have flooded the world with images of burnt-out cars and buildings, looted shops etc. criminalising everything. The UPML first declared its solidarity with the youth revolt.

Youth Revolt in France

On fascism in Lyon

The aim of this brief overview of the situation in Lyon is to make comrades outside France aware of the specific features of fascism in Lyon, and how this local problem plays an important role in developments at national and sometimes international level. As Unité Communiste was born in Lyon, many of its members have been experiencing the problem there directly for a long time. Lyon is nicknamed the capital of French fascism.

The imperialists put the lives of whole continents and the entire humanity at risk for their selfish interests

I greet everyone on behalf of the working people of Ukraine, have been fighting the hardships of a bloody war and imperialist aggression for the second year already. Every day some people are killed by missile and bomb attacks by Russian imperialism / houses, cities, and the environment are destroyed. Huge territories are mined, and people are dying from this as well.

Imperialist Chaos and War

Resolution of the United Front Webinar on 30.7.2023

On a military coup in Russia by Wagner Group

The ICOR received the following statement from Russia:

We are very pleased to welcome the Union of Maoists of the Urals (UMU) from Russia as a new member of ICOR

We are very pleased to welcome the Union of Maoists of the Urals (UMU) from Russia as a new member of ICOR. In their application for membership they had written:

Solidarity with the Struggle of the Women of Afghanistan

Revolutionary greetings from Russia, International Department of the Union of Maoists of the Urals

Union of Cypriots' Puplication "LIBERATE CYPRUS" is out now

The new issue of the “Liberate Cyprus” publication by the Union of Cypriots is now available. This issue focuses on the theme of “Free West Asia and North Africa, End Imperialism.”

Moroccan Dynamic Against the World Bank and International Monetary fund Annual

COMMUNIQUE, Meeting in Marrakech, Rabat 3 June 2023