Call for building the International Anti-Imperialist and Antifascist United Front

United Front, 

Documents UF-Worldconcress, Unified December 2019

Paragraph 1:

Let us build the international anti-imperialist united front against imperialist plunder, state terrorism, fascistization, fascism, foreign military intervention, subversion and wars of aggression! For national and social liberation, democracy, freedom and socialism!

Pargraph 2:

The world economic and financial crisis of 2008 has had the effect of accelerating and intensifying the struggle for the redivision of the world. Aggressive, anti-people US imperialism is still the strongest imperialist power and main warmonger. But a multipolar world has emerged.

Paragraph 3:

Inter-imperialist rivalry is intensifying. All of the imperialist powers are pushing aggressively to the fore in the struggle for hegemony over cheap sources of natural resources and labor, markets, fields of investment and spheres of influence. Among the imperialist great powers a fierce struggle over the redivision of the world is raging. The danger of a world war is growing.

Paragraph 4:

New powers have emerged while others decline. This is the law of uneven development. Under conditions of imperialism, the relentless rivalry among the imperialist powers is the inevitable consequence. They only agree in their exploitation and oppression of the proletariat and people of the world, thus their hostility towards the liberation struggle of the exploited and oppressed masses, especially the revolutionary working class and the revolutionary parties of the world.

Paragraph 5:

In this context, the time is ripe for a force which opposes this imperialist world system in an organized way and with growing unification: in an anti-imperialist united front against imperialist plunder, neo-liberal impositions, state terrorism, racism, fascistization, foreign military intervention, subversion and wars of aggression – for national and social liberation, democracy, freedom and socialism!It is time that the oppressed proletariat and peoples of this world, with their specific and national movements, join ranks in this common rising and future-oriented, global movement.

Paragraph 6:

The enlightenment about the character of imperialism, the discussion of the changes in the imperialist world system and the consensus, decisions and the correct conclusions for the strategy and tactics of the democratic forces of the world are the fundamental tasks of the anti-imperialist united front.

Paragraph 7:

Everywhere in the world, as in Ukraine, in Syria, in Yemen, in Venezuela, in East Asia and elsewhere the imperialist struggle for predominance in the world is carried out on the backs of the peoples. The general tendency to imperialist preparation for war aggravates the danger of war. This is more and more manifested in the rise of fascist movements, trade wars, massive armament, large military exercises, in deliberate provocations, threats of invasions, local conflicts, up to direct confrontations of imperialist countries, and ultimately up to the threat of a 3rd world war.

Paragraph 8:

The anti-imperialist united front must be an antifascist united front. Fascist or proto-fascist leaders like Trump, Erdogan, Modi or Bolsonaro, but also the rightward development of governments and bourgeois parties in most of the bourgeois democracies, as well as the fascistization of state machines must be resolutely and militantly opposed and stopped. This task is urgent.

Paragraph 9:

Imperialism means everywhere reaction. This is why the anti-imperialist united front puts the struggle for the preservation and extension of democratic rights and liberties on the agenda. We target the anticommunism of those in power, which seeks to discredit socialism as alternative to imperialism in the eyes of the masses.

Paragraph 10:

The workers of the world are suffering the ever-worsening conditions of exploitation and oppression under the rule of neoliberalism and state terrorism. In imperialism, the revolutionary productive forces, despite all societal and technological progress, ultimately are transformed into their opposite. Every day there are strikes on all continents which are more and more connected with the struggles of the broad masses. But still these struggles are taking place largely isolated, in a national framework and without the adequate exchange of information and mutual support by revolutionaries and workers in the whole world. The international working class with the modern industrial proletariat as its core will only be able to stand up to the imperialist world system and become superior to it if it is united and mobilized! The international working class must be the backbone and leading force of the anti-imperialist united front.

Paragraph 11:

The world proletariat needs and seeks the alliance with all oppressed peoples in thisworld – the poor peasants, indigenous peoples, women, youth, refugees, migrant workers, minorities, and all others fighting for democracy and freedom. The liberation struggles in many countries of Africa, Latin America and Asia, the liberation struggles of the Filipino, Kurdish, Palestinian and other peoples, have in international finance capital a common imperialist enemy and exert a revolutionary influence and forward-looking appeal. Their experiences must be made available to all exploited and oppressed!

Paragraph 12:

The overexploitation of nature is accelerating the transition to a global environmental catastrophe which endangers the foundations of human life. Especially affected are the workers, due to health-endangering working conditions; so too are small peasants and agricultural workers and other huge parts of the population are severely affected by floods, hurricanes and droughts. The struggle for jobs, better working conditions or higher wages must be combined and coordinated with the struggle to save the environment from the unbridled capitalist profit system!

Paragraph 13:

Billions of especially oppressed women must connect their struggle for equal rights, against the patriarchal-feudal stamp of societies, for the liberation of women, with the anti-imperialist struggle as well as with the working-class and revolutionary movement.

Paragraph 14

The youth of the world see their future in danger. They are often in the forefront of the mass struggles. Their energy and drive must be strengthened through a clear anti-imperialist awareness and their training as steadfast fighters for the future.

Paragraph 15:

We call for combining the founding of the anti-imperialist united front with a strategydiscussion on how a society liberated from exploitation and oppression can be won. We take into account that many participating forces consider socialism as the alternative.

Paragraph 16:

Fight imperialism! Down with imperialist plunder, state terrorism, state fascistization, fascism, foreign military intervention, subversion and wars of aggression!

Workers of all countries, unite!

Workers of all countries and oppressed peoples, unite!

For the liberation of humanity from exploitation and oppression – for national and social liberation, democracy, freedom and socialism!