Closing words at the united front webinar

Monika Gärtner-Engel, Co-President, 

Summing up our webinar today, I would like to say: We send solidarity and revolutionary greetings to the whole world on the occasion of May Day, the international day of struggle of the working class, under the motto "Proletarians of all countries, unite!" by Karl Marx. We are closely united because we know we have a common opponent. This is the imperialist world system, even if it rules, exploits and oppresses with different faces. This time we send special greetings to the brave fighters in Sudan, the masses who do not let themselves be fooled into thinking that this rivalry only between the military and militias is their real opponent, but fight for democracy and freedom and against the imperialist powers behind the respective military and militias. We send especially militant and warm greetings to the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people, who suffer from the state terror of the Zionist Israeli government, but do not give up and pursue the slogan "Freedom for Palestine!" tirelessly and unwaveringly and with contempt for death.

We send especially warm, militant greetings to France, to the working class and broad masses in France, who are opposing the Macron government's plans to raise the retirement age with a courageous struggle that now goes far beyond this pension issue. We heard a highly interesting contribution from the comrade from France, who made it clear to us how a revolutionary spirit is also going through this struggle, and I believe this struggle in France is also an important signal to workers not only throughout Europe but also throughout the world, not least to strengthen revolutionary parties - so that the struggles have a lasting impact.

We continue to send especially warm and revolutionary greetings to Rojava in this courageous struggle for democracy and freedom, which does not submit to the fascist Turkish oppression, which becomes active against all attempts at division and continues to fight and unite with the masses around the world. Particularly noteworthy was in the contribution we heard today, how a symposium in the run-up to May Day should also amount to international theoretical and practical discussion. You can see in the chat the email address to which you can send contributions also on the question of imperialism and the development of the imperialist world system.

Last but not least, I want to send special greetings from this webinar for much success in the general strike next Tuesday in Uruguay that we have heard about. We wish you much success and these struggles in Latin America are always also a very special signal through their heart and courage, their fighting power and their multiple demands, also anti-fascist and anti-imperialist demands. Good luck for your general strike on Tuesday. And lastly, I would like to specifically mention our brave comrades in Russia. We had three organizations from Russia represented today and heard how courageously they are fighting. They are fighting against the war, which they are not allowed to call war but only special operation. The women are fighting for women's rights and against the brutal ban on abortion that is to become law there. Some of them have been imprisoned for this and our special solidarity goes out to them as well.

Those I have not mentioned should not be disregarded in Tunisia, in Morocco, in Bangladesh, in Poland - we heard a very interesting contribution from there. All this has given us great encouragement and again a great view of the world, inspiration for May Day and a great push for the preparation of the 1st World Congress of the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist united front. See you at the next webinar on July 30 in preparation for International Anti-War Day.

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