ICOR Declaration:

End the barbaric state terror and war against the Palestinian people!Worldwide solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle! Stop the destructive bombardment of Gaza!


Dear comrades, At the beginning of the new year 2024, we can now publish an ICOR statement on Palestine. This is the result of a very creative and fundamental discussion process that definitely must be continued. Many thanks for all comments and suggestions for improvement! We have achieved 26 out of 32 necessary approvals, which is the highest level of approval of all previous drafts. But it is still not quite enough for a resolution, so in line with our decisions on phased publication, I am initially publishing it as a statement rather than a resolution. There will certainly be more approvals to come, so that it will ultimately become a resolution. This is a good starting point for the new year. Israel's barbaric warfare will continue to require our solidarity, and indeed an increase of it. We should already be working towards a spectacular global Nakba Day of Action and further coordinated activities. Unfortunately, few of you report on what you are doing in practice. This is also what the ICOR website is for! Warm and revolutionary greetings for good cooperation in 2024 under the guideline "Lenin's teachings are alive!". Monika Gärtner-Engel Main Coordinator

The ICOR strongly and with disgust condemns the declaration of martial law, the brutal bombing, the tota blockade of Gaza and the use of ground troops by the Zionist-fascist Israeli Netanyahu government.

The Zionist state of Israel has resorted to unrestrained ruthlessness, declaring a state of emergency and war in order to accelerate the massacre of the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip, from the West Bank to Lebanon, and to expand its decades-long colonial occupation in violation of international law.

With Israel's ground offensive, the Gaza war has reached a new level of war crimes. By the end of December 2023, 25,137 people, two thirds of them children or women, had died in a hail of Israeli bombs and shells, 7,000 were missing and 55,000 were injured, while 1.5 million people were forced to flee. Israel's Zionist aggression is turning into genocide against innocent civilians. End this bloody war immediately!

In recent years, and even more so with the Netanyahu government, which is not fundamentally different from the bourgeois "opposition" politicians, the settlement policy is robbing the Palestinian people of their land, trampling on the Palestinian people's right to self-determination and right to life and uses the Zionist ideology to spread a racist delusion of superiority hostile to humanity.

None of this would be possible without the support and complicity of other imperialist governments, above all American imperialism, but also the imperialist EU in economic, military and political terms!

Decisive global resistance against this is necessary!

The action of Hamas in alliance with other forces is being used by the Israeli government as a pretext to unleash a war that could spread into a steppe fire throughout the entire region.

Proletarian internationalism demands that the working class and the anti-imperialist forces of the whole world unite in the struggle for liberation and socialism.

We fundamentally support the Palestinian resistance, despite our criticism of the political and ideological alternatives of the Islamist forces.

We condemn the unrestricted support of the USA, the EU and all imperialist forces for Israel as well as all kinds and forms of imperialist interference in the conflict.

Controversial positions within ICOR have been intensively discussed in recent months, published openly on the website and require further clarification in the proletarian culture of debate typical of ICOR. We invite all revolutionaries and liberation fighters to this discussion!

Protest decisively against the state terror of the Netanyahu government!

Solidarity with the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people!

Let us actively stand for their right to resist occupation and oppression!

Freedom for all democratic political prisoners!

Fight the repression of imperialist states against progressive Palestinian solidarity!

Long live proletarian internationalism in the fight for democracy, freedom and socialism!

Signatories (as of 1 January 2024, further signatories possible):

  1. PCPCI Parti Communiste Proletarien de Côte d'Ivoire (Proletarian Communist Party of Ivory Coast)

  2. MMLPL Moroccan Marxist-Leninist Proletarian Line

  3. CPSA (ML) Communist Party of South Africa (Marxist-Leninist)

  4. PCT Parti Comuniste du Togo (Communist Party of Togo)

  5. PPDS Parti Patriotique Démocratique Socialiste (Patriotic Democratic Socialist Party), Tunisia

  6. NCP (Mashal) Nepal Communist Party (Mashal)

  7. PPRF Patriotic Peoples Republican Front of Nepal

  8. CPA/ML Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist)

  9. БКП Българска Комунистическа Партия (Bulgarian Communist Party)

  10. PR-ByH Partija Rada - ByH (Party of Labor - Bosnia and Herzegovina)

  11. MLPD Marxistisch-Leninistische Partei Deutschlands (Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany)

  12. UC Unité Communiste (Communist United ), France

  13. UPML Union Prolétarienne Marxiste-Léniniste (Marxist-Leninist Proletarian Union), France

  14. KOL Kommunistische Organisation Luxemburg (Communist Organization of Luxemburg)

  15. RM Rode Morgen (Red Dawn), Netherlands

  16. UMLP União Marxista-Leninista Portuguesa (Portuguese Marxist-Leninist Union)

  17. RMP Российская маоистская партия (Rossijskaya maoistskaya partiya) (Russian Maoist Party)

  18. MLKP Marksist Leninist Komünist Parti Türkiye / Kürdistan (Marxist Leninist Communist Party Turkey / Kurdistan)

  19. KSRD Koordinazionnyj Sowjet Rabotschewo Dvizhenija (Coordination Council of the Workers Class Movement), Ukraine

  20. UMU Union of Maoists of the Urals (Union of Maoists of the Urals), Russia

  21. PCC-M Partido Comunista de Colombia – Maoista (Communist Party of Colombia - Maoist)

  22. PCP (independiente) Partido Comunista Paraguayo (independiente) (Paraguayan Communist Party (independent))

  23. BDP Bloque Democratico Popular (Popular Democratic Bloc), Peru

  24. PPP Partido Proletario del Perú (Proletarian Party of Peru)

  25. PC (ML) Partido Comunista (Marxista Leninista) (Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)), Dominican Republic

  26. BP (NK-T) Bolşevik Parti (Kuzey Kürdistan-Türkiye) (Bolshevik Party (North Kurdistan-Turkey))

  27. UPC-Manidem Union des Populations du Cameroun - Manifeste National pour l’Instauration de la Démocratie (Union of Populations of Cameroon - National Manifesto for the Establishment of Democracy)

  28. Symp.PFLP   Sympathisanten der PFLP (Sympathisers of the PFLP), Germany