For the Right to Live Without Fear!

Draft from Zulma, Mexiko, 

Resolution of the United Front Webinar on 12.2.2023

Women no longer want to be headlines and figures in the country's panorama, the multiple violence against women, girls and adolescents fill the news, radio and newspapers, thousands, yes, thousands of complaints of harassment, abuse, physical, sexual, psychological violence and the most terrifying of all, femicides. This before the deaf ears and the complicity of a State and a patriarchal society that belittles our lives and justifies our deaths based on the validation of the supposed reasons of the feminicidal aggressors.

By 2022, the lives, dreams and hopes of more than 614 women were taken away and so far this year, more than 32 women, many of them mothers who are heads of households, daughters, workers, who cry out and demand justice, through us, those who remain, those who raise and will raise our voices, demanding the State and all its institutions to guarantee us the Right to Live Without Fear.

We demand that the judicial and police apparatus do not minimize our denunciations, revictimize us and put us even more at risk before the aggressors, we demand effective public policies that involve the whole of society, in rejection of any expression of gender-based violence, we do not want to continue counting our own deaths.

We demand to the district and national government:

1.That the National Emergency for Feminicides be declared, recognizing the humanitarian and human rights crisis that women, girls, adolescents and sexual and gender diversities are going through.

2. That the implementation of a gender perspective in public security policies be complied with.

3. That a national body be created with human and budgetary resources to prevent, address, investigate and punish gender-based violence, in coordination with social organizations of women and sexual and gender diversities, academia and state institutions that articulate the judicial, legislative and executive branches.

4. The creation of a public system to follow up on protection measures for women and sexual and gender diversities.

5. The implementation of protocols in the search for missing women.



This is only an automated translation of the post. The Spanish version is the original.