Forward to the International Womens day Forward!!! – Forward to the 1st International Anti-Imperialist Anti-Fascist United Front Conference Forward!!!

Justice Quvane, IAC, 

Contribution to the United Front webinar on 12.2.2023

Dear Comrades, Dear Friends and Dear fellow Workers.

We are meeting here today for the 1st time this year 2023 when we just had several of Factories, Industries and Workplaces where we sell our labour have just re-opened from the December break.

It is heart breaking to notice that we continue to witness the after effects of the out break of the COVID19 of the year 2020 February. Most of our fellow workers have not returned to their places of work as most Factories struggle to get back to production. Most Industries continue to be on shutdown as they were heavily affected by the COVID19 Pandemic.

This is in deed sad news to most of our fellow workers as this means that they have suddenly joined the pool of the unemployed people in our country. In most instances workers are made to work short time, short hours and short days in a week. This in turn means no wages at all or at most half wages. This is what we mean when we say the Employers and the Monopoly Capaital have transfered the burden of the Pandemic back to the workers, the working class and the poor people in our country.

The out break of the Ukraine war and the consequences it has caused in the disruption of the Supply Chain of Parts and Components needed for Production and Manufacturing has just made a bad situation worse.

Again, this led to more workers being laid off from their workplaces, more Factories and Industries cutting down on hours of work and the days of work. The uneployment rate and the poverty in South Africa at the moment have reached their highest levels ever recorded in history. The Income Gap between the rich and poor is getting wider by the day.

Our women are the most affected by the high levels of unemployment, by the high levels of Poverty, they are the lowest of them all in the Income Gaps. Marching forward to the International Womens day on the 08th of March, we declare that we have nothing to celebrate but everything to fight for.

Comrades, Friends and Fellow Workers, South Africa remains a colony of the Imperialist where all forms of super exploitation are witnessed everday in our workplaces. We are subjected to an ever decreasing number of workers at Factories and Workplaces. Removal of workers replacing them with Tools, Equipment, Machines, Roborts, the AI, Internet of things etc. There is an ever growing number of our people going unemployed and hungry on our streets, at the sametime there is a growing number of machines and Roborts taking places of the unemployed women and youth at workplaces.

These conditions are made worse by a continous outsourcing of production and manufacturing. This leads to a further deterioration in the workers conditions of work, a severe reduction of their wages, incomes and benefits such as medical aid.

The Employers use every tool available to them to suppress the workers will to organise and fight back against these onslaught. Whenever workers try to roganise themeselves to stage resistance and fight back to these tactics of super exploitation, they get singled out for acts of Victimization to chase them out of work. They are being bullied and harassed out of their places of work.

We call for a united international militant organisation of workers so as to fight against these onslaught worldwide. We wish to use these International United Front platforms to call upon all the workers of the world to join and support the call for the founding of the International Anti Imperialist Anti Fascist United Front as it is being planned for in the month of September 2023. A strong International United Front needs to have the participation, commitment and involvemnet of workers. It is our shared view and experience as South African workers that we alone in our seperate countries we can not fight and win these struggles with much success. Hence we are more than convinced that it is high time that in deed we cross over our borders in uniting our struggles‘ efforts to stage these fights worldwide.

Forward to the International Womens day Forward!!!

Forward to the 1st International Anti-Imperialist Anti-Fascist United Front Conference Forward!!!

J. Quvane. South Africa