Declaration on Palestine

Long live proletarian internationalism and international solidarity! For a free, democratic and socialist Palestine!

Co-Presidents of the United Front, Edith Luz Castro, Monika Gärtner-Engel, 

Building on the unanimously adopted declaration of the 1st World Congress of the United Front "Against Imperialism, Fascism and Zionism, for Palestine, Secular Democracy!" the Co-Presidents of the United Front declare:

We strongly condemn the heinous aggression of the Zionist state of Israel aimed at the expulsion or annihilation of the Palestinian people in Gaza. It is supported by leading imperialist countries such as the USA and Germany in the context of inter-imperialist competition.

This war must end immediately and all Israeli troops must be withdrawn! The imperialist perpetrators must pay compensation to the Palestinian people and fully accept their right to a free Palestine!

The oppression of the Palestinian people has been going on for decades - since the moment when the state of Israel, under Zionist leadership, began the oppression and extermination of the Palestinian people with the Nakba in 1948. The blockade since 2007 has turned the Gaza Strip into a densely populated open-air prison under brutal Israeli occupation. Today, around 6000 political prisoners are imprisoned in Israel, around 820 in administrative detention without charge, without trial and without any evidence. With the further fascization of imperialist Israel, murderous attacks by racist settlers and the ongoing land theft in the West Bank, Zionist-imperialist Israel is exercising permanent state terror.

The current war against Gaza is a single war crime against people and nature and cannot be justified by anything from October 7. Over 20,000 dead, mostly civilians and at least 50,000 injured, thousands of destroyed apartments and houses, scorched earth, destruction of elementary infrastructure for the supply of water, food, gasoline and medical aid. There is virtually no functioning hospital left in the Gaza Strip, with new casualties every day as a result of the bombardments and the ground offensive. Last but not least, this war violates civil international humanitarian law and fulfills its criteria for war crimes.

The claim that Hamas is hiding in and under mosques, schools and hospitals does not give Israel the right to bomb and raze them to the ground. The claim that the war is primarily directed against Hamas leaders is a lie. It is a war of annihilation against the Palestinian people. The Israeli military is engaged in a veritable manhunt: first the masses were ordered to move from the north to the south. Now they are massing in the south - and the south is being bombed and occupied with tanks.

The masses are supposed to move towards the sea and the Rafah border crossing as alleged humanitarian zones. The secret plans are becoming more and more apparent: to stage a "Gaza Nakba" that will drive the Palestinian masses either into the sea or into the Egyptian Sinai desert. This state terror is being supported by the imperialist powers of NATO and the EU - limited only by tactical differences - and led by US and German imperialism. International solidarity, proletarian internationalism, together with the Palestinian masses, must put a decisive end to all this.

This assessment unites the revolutionaries and representatives of human rights in the United Front.

For a full victory of the Palestinian people, a discussion about the various forces in Palestine has simultaneously flared up, which has clearly reached a depth and richness of arguments in recent weeks and months. In this context, the condemnation of reactionary and fascist forces is also being discussed and it is being stated that liberation movements must never use the methods of their opponents, such as massacres. None of these controversies have at any time prevented and continue to prevent the members of the United Front from working together in numerous demonstrations, rallies, fundraisers and discussion meetings and permanently for the rights of the Palestinian people and the full victory of the Palestinian liberation movement.

The Palestinian liberation struggle has our full solidarity and the strategic goal of a Palestinian state in which the masses of different religions and origins live together peacefully under democratic and ultimately socialist conditions.

Long live proletarian internationalism and international solidarity!

For a free, democratic and socialist Palestine!

Edith Luz Castro, Monika Gärtner-Engel