On the Wave of Military Coups in Africa

ICOR Continental Coordination Africa, 

An ICOR-Africa conference was held in Germany on September 1-2, 2023. At this meeting, the continental coordinating body discussed not only the stranglehold on Africa's natural resources by trusts linked to the various imperialist poles, but also the wave of coups d'état and the risks of war in the Sahelian zone, notably Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea Conakry, Niger and recently Gabon.

The conference also addressed the thorny issue of environmental destruction, which has become yet another problem for African populations. Once again, it is the working class, mine workers and poor peasants who are undeniably suffering from this environmental destruction.

After debating all these issues, the ICOR Continental Coordination has decided to make known its positions on the political, economic and military situation in Africa:

  1. The Continental Coordination of ICOR-Africa, together with democratic and anti-imperialist organizations in Europe, Asia and Latin America, strongly condemns the perfidious role of international imperialism, particularly French imperialism, which, through subjugation agreements, continues to control the Sahelian states in order to exploit their natural resources such as gold and uranium, oil, manganese, copper, gas, etc.

  2. This situation of over-exploitation continues to deepen the crisis of neo-colonialism in West Africa, particularly in the Sahel countries, which have the highest poverty rates in the world. Despite all the precious riches available in these countries, the brigandage system set up by France since the 1960s is not only holding back the development of the Sahelian states, but is also a source of super-profit for French imperialism and international finance capital.

  3. It was against this backdrop of neo-colonial crisis that the wave of coups d'état occurred, provoking - in some quarters in Africa and elsewhere - "a feeling of joy and euphoria in the streets of Bamako, Ouagadougou and Niamey". Quite the contrary! For the revolutionary democrats and communists grouped within ICOR-Afrique, this wave of military putsches cannot be considered a factor in the liberation of the Sahelian peoples. For the simple reason that coups d'état in Africa have always shown their limits and weaknesses. It is remarkable that, to this day, the perpetrators of these military putsches have not taken any decisions capable of challenging the economic base and, above all, the interests of international financial capital, French in particular.

  4. By their very nature, neo-colonial armies are instruments of the ruling class, which is linked to the various imperialist poles and multinationals that currently control natural resources. Moreover, these neo-colonial armies have been set up to suppress the trade union movement and popular struggles. Without a doubt, they cannot liberate the peoples of the Sahel and its working class from the evils of imperialism. In short, neo-colonial armies in Africa are not neutral, as revisionists would have us believe. They represent the upper echelons of the petty bourgeoisie and the business bourgeoisie and compradors allied with international finance capital. The proof of this is that, under the fallacious argument of re-establishing "constitutional order" and "democracy" in Niger, French imperialism is attempting to create a military confrontation between, on the one hand, NATO forces supported by ECOWAS auxiliary armies and, on the other, the RUSSIAN army in Mali.

  5. This is why the organizations that make up the ICOR are launching a vibrant appeal to the peoples in struggle in Africa, and in particular to the working class and youth, to distance themselves completely from any illusions about these coups d'état, so as to be able to lead a fierce resistance against all forms of neo-colonialism. This resistance must be directed not only against the old imperialist brigands: France, Great Britain, Germany and the United States, but also against the new imperialist poles such as Russia, China, India and Turkey, which are currently surfing on anti-colonial rhetoric and the misery of the peoples in order to impose their political and economic hegemony on the continent. All this confirms the bitter rivalry between the imperialist powers. Undeniably, Africa's struggling peoples no longer need new masters; they firmly want to fight to liberate themselves, to remain the authors and actors of their own liberation!

  6. Under these conditions, there is no longer any doubt that the oppressed peoples of the Sahel need the emergence of democratic, anti-imperialist and communist organizations that represent their class interests and can lead them in this struggle for national and social liberation.

  7. The Continental Coordination of ICOR-Africa, together with democratic and anti-imperialist organizations in Europe, Asia and Latin America:

  • denounce the various colonial agreements that shackle and prevent the development of African countries;
  • Demand the immediate closure of all military bases of the armies of various imperialist poles on the African continent!
  • Call on the peoples in struggle in the Sahel and Africa to continue the unyielding liberation struggle against the various imperialist poles.

Translated with deepL. Original is French