Report from the united front webinar on 23 April 2023

Monika Gärtner-Engel, Co-President of the United Front, 

Dear Comrades and Friends.

On April 23, we held our United Front webinar on May Day. It again gave us an impressive view of the world. With contributions from Bangladesh, Germany, France, Poland, Peru, Rojava, Russia, Tunisia and Uruguay, we really had our finger on the pulse. We discussed the preparation for May Day in the different countries, the struggles of the masses against the civil war in Sudan, the impressive month-long struggles against pension reform in France, and the preparation for the general strike in Uruguay on April 25.

The contributions from France, Poland and Russia emphasized that we must fight against the influence of bourgeois ideology in the working class and discuss the social and socialist perspective. Our French comrades use the prestige of the Paris Commune for this. They report that the Paris Commune gives them access to the hearts and minds of the demonstrators .

From several countries we heard of attempts to exclude Marxist-Leninists - and thus the socialist perspective - from May Day demonstrations and rallies. All contributions made it clear that comrades will not put up with this, not even from the fascist Erdogan regime.

All these struggles have objectively an anti-imperialist character and the contributions made clear that we have a common opponent everywhere in the world: the imperialist world system, even if it rules, exploits and oppresses with different faces in the individual countries. The United Front is gaining in importance. It must and will unite these struggles. The Consultative Committee was able to report a number of new members to the United Front. The call in the webinar to recruit more members is already bearing fruit. Together, let's win many more between now and the World Congress. It was important to recruit especially mass organizations, groups, movements and initiatives of workers, women, environmentalists, indigenous people, etc. Next deadline for registrations is May 25, because on May 31 the Consultative Committee will confirm participations - and they will then receive the application and delegate forms and have enough time to prepare.

It was also nice to see that ATIK and the Internationalist Alliance have pledged larger donations for the financial support of delegations from poorer countries. Join the fundraising campaign for the World Congress. Together, let's reach the goal of 20,000 euros!

I would also like to use this short report to invite you already to our next United Front webinar on Sunday, July 30. There we will discuss the preparation of the International Day of Struggle against Fascism and War, which is celebrated in many countries in Asia on August 6 and in parts of Europe on September 1. In addition, also about the preparation of the content of the World Congress, not least about the application to the documents of the United Front.

The webinar was a bit smaller than the last ones with 55 participants but still very broad with from 13 countries from 4 continents. Thank you that new young women comrades from MLCP participated in the translation.

Warm greetings and solidarity,

Monika Gärtner-Engel, Co-President of the United Front

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